Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Regional Science High School in Olongapo City will always be the one of best high schools for me. Eventhough I did not finish my high school there since my family moved to Manila,I would say that this institution taught me a lot - not only with academics but about life in general.I will always be proud that I have been part of this school.

Isa sa mga paborito kong pelikulang indie (independent films) ay ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros ni Auraeus Solito. Inabangan ko ang pelikula niyang Pisay at sa pagkakataong ito,masasabi kong hindi niya ako muling binigo sa inaasahan ko.

Habang pinapanood ko ang pelikula,hindi ko maiwasang maalala ang naging buhay ko sa Sci-High (o Science High School).Ang bawat eksena ay tunay na paglalarawan ng mga nagiging buhay ng mga kabataang pumapasok sa isang pang-agham na eskuwelahan o kahit sa isang regular na hayskul- kung gaano kahirap at kasarap ang maging estudyante, ang kilig at pait ng unang pag-ibig, ang pagpili ng karera o kurso bago magkolehiyo, ang pagharap sa krisis politikal ng bansa.
Hindi kailangang nagaral ka sa Pisay para lubusang maappreciate ang ganda ng pelikula.Makikita natin ang sarili sa bawat karakter ng pelikula- ang mahirap,ang mahina sa Math, ang pasista,ang coƱio, ang henyo, ang artist, at iba pa.Sinasabi rin ng pelikula, na silang Pisay (o mga henyo) ay katulad din natin.

Mahusay ang nagsiganap na artista sa pelikulang ito lalo na si Eugene Domingo, na isang Physics teacher.Ang mga batang artista na nagsiganap na estudyante ay mahuhusay din.Kapuri puri ang pelikulang ito ni Auraeus Solito.

Bumalik tayo sa high school.Ang mga karanasan na ibinigay nito sa atin,ang bawat araw na komplikado man, malungkot, masalimuot o masaya ay tunay na masarap balikan hanggang sa ngayon.

Panoorin natin ang Pisay.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Alas it's's complete.

There is this something
I’ve always been searching
I’ve looked in all places
The same old faces
Ah.. ah

But now it’s different
‘Cause I’ve finally found
The missing piece
In YouIn You
In you
In you
At last it’s finished
It’s complete

~FIN by Pupil

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Random thought.

Wait 'till it rains...
Because the weather defines the people who go and get their own umbrellas,
and those who stay with you under the rain."

This was a text message forwarded to me by Viel this morning.Very very true.

Monday, February 25, 2008

2008.First blog entry.

It's been a while.I have been longing to write for quite sometime.I am not really sure if I was just too busy doing a lot of things lately or I just simply lost the interest to write.I honestly think that there's a lot of things that I wanted to say but I just don't know how to say it.

2008 had a good start. Before the year 2007 ended, I went to Baguio with some friends from PEx.we decided to stay in La Trinidad,Benguet, which is just 20-30 minutes away from the city.We decided not to stay in the city because the sight there was really disgusting and disappointing (pollution , traffic,garbages everywhere, foul smell of the air etc).We all agreed that Baguio is not the same as it was a few years ago.
We had our lunch at Rosebowl (very good food ), we also went to Strawberry farm, we cooked using the fresh veggies we bought from Baguio Market and we decided to swim somewhere in Asin Benguet.I had my first experience of sulphuric swimming pool, which they say is therapeautic.I find it weird that we went all the way to Baguio to swim on a cold December.But I dont care, it was fun.I had a great time with the company I was with and it made me forget all the not so good things that happened in 2007.

By the last week of January, I was invited to go to Quezon by my good friend Genesis to celebrate his Birthday. It was my first time in Quezon and I had a great time too.I felt really close to nature that time,I did appreciate the beauty of the province, the green surrounding,the mountains,the fields,it was really relaxing to see these things.The house where we stayed in is on a hill,there was a pool where the running water came all the way from Mount Banahaw.I also enjoyed the food that were served , they were all fresh and healthy. We also went to Kamay ni Hesus Healing Church in Lucban, where I made a wish when I reached the huge statue of Jesus on top of the mountain after climbing hundred steps.The trip to Quezon was really memorable.

A week after the Quezon Trip, my best buddy John and I went to a beach somewhere in Laiya Batangas.I have been to a lot of beaches already but I would consider San Juan beach as one of the beach beaches I've been so far.

It was so relaxing even if you'll just sit somewhere in this beach,watch the sea and listen to the waves or just wait for the sun to set in the late afternoon.There's a lot to do here but my favorite one will be watching the sunset.Emote di ba?Hahaha.It was also my first time to try kayak-ing and it was really fun. Ang sakit nga lang sa katawan.Haha.
I dunno but there is something in that place that makes me want to come back.
We went to Tagaytay after that and dined at Gerry's to celebrate John's Birthday.

I wish I can write more and hoping that i have the luxury of time and passion to narrate everything that's been happening in my life lately,but I would have to stop here.2008 had a good start and I hope it will stay that way until the year ends.Here's to fabulous 2008 everyone! :)