Sunday, August 28, 2005

Bloopers from Work =)

What a stressful week!Thank God even under pressure, I realized pwede pa pala akong tumawa.=)mabuti na lang,While emptying my email Inbox,I chanced upon this old email, the email contains few of the bloopers /call center boo boos from our account.Kilala ko kasi 'yung ibang sumablay sa mga calls na sinama sa email.ahehehe.FYI, our account is a electric utility provider in Texas, we provide customer service, billing and registry achuchuchers .Share ko lang.

rep: by the way ma'am, your name sounds filipino. are you by any chance filipino?
ms sangalang: yes, i am filipino. why, are you filipino?
rep: yes ma'am.
ms sangalang: oh, you don't sound filipino... (o di ba, humaba ang buhok nitong si rep. feeling niyang american accent na siya. ... )
ms sangalang:(biglang kambiyo si maam)Miss,you sound indian! (Dibidi, Dibidi hehe)
Customer: I need the bills to be forwarded to me. The account holder is already dead.
CCA: Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that Sir. (A for empathy) Let me pull up the account, one moment, please. After pulling up the account…
CCA: I do apologize Sir, but since your name is not on the account, you would have to tell the account holder to call us and include you. (Seryoso ka, hija?)

CCA: Can you verify your password, Sir?
Customer: Wolf.
CCA: Hmmm...Why wolf?
Customer: I'm sorry?
CCA: Why is your password wolf?
Customer: My dog's name is Wolf.
CCA: Oh! Do you really love dogs, Sir?
Customer: Yes.CCA: I see, well I have a cat and her name is Pussy! (Meow!!!)
agent: may i have the account number please?
cust: oh, i don't have right now honey, can i just give you the meter number?
agent: no problem, ma'am.
cust: hold on, i'll just go outside and take a look at the meter (dinig na dinig pa raw ang footsteps). i'm almost there honey... okay, let me just wipe the lens... (goodluck sa AHT mo ning)

Customer: When do I get the duplicate bill, I still haven’t received it?
CCA: When did you called?
Customer: Yesterday?
CCA: Maybe you should wait for 3 days. Or 2 more!

(Classic, hindi na kelangan ng comment dito!)

CCA: I'm sorry Ma'am I can bear-ly hear you, are you using a mobile phone? I mean can you hear that sparking thingie?

(Bear-y interesting choice of words!)

Customer: Pay location.
CCA: City?
Customer: Caldwell
CCA: There's no location in the city.

(Koya, koya! Meron ka ba ngayon?)

CCA: There will be a $50 trip call. I'm going to send a refort on that.

(Faki-bilisan kase sayang ang $50 trip call!)

I'd like to see if you've received my payment of $330; I paid it at Ace Cash today.
CCA: I do see here!

(How does it look?)

Customer:My account no. is payb hu tri six hu...(customer is a Chinese)
CCA:(afraid to be dinged for attentive listening)
That is payb hu tri six hu...

(haha...nagkaintindihan sila.panalo ka sa QA ning)

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Remembering Teletech

I was looking into the archives of my blogsite when I read on one of my entries that it was a year ago when I signed a contract for Teletech as a Tech Support Rep for Accenture/SBC yahoo DSL.I had a lot of fun during the training.It was a difficult training I can say.Luckily I passed the American Accent class as well as the product training and was certified as a Tech Support Rep after two months.However I only lasted on the floor for about two weeks since I felt that it was not the job that I want to do.The account is really technical and require a lot of problem solving skills which I dont think I have hehe-well just look at the job title, it is so technical.Hindi kinaya ng utak ko.That one of the lowest points of my life.I thought it will be the last call center I will be working in.But after a month of being a bum, I finally got a job - still in a call center, the call center where I am working now, Ambergris.
I so miss all my friends in Teletech especially my batchmates from Wave 7.0, it was so fun working with them. Although mahirap 'yung account, I know because I have friends around, I was motivated to do my best.I remember before ako umalis, it was Ed and Cindy who encouraged me not to leave and sobrang sarap ng feeling that there are friends who care and will support you all the way kahit ano pang mangyari.

Wave 7.0 Aina's Class:Cindy, Ed, Xty,She, Cora, Tin.Rico,Bob, daddy edz and Joseph - I know you will not be able to read my blog but I just wanna tell you that I miss you guys.I hope I can see you one of these days.:)Sana you still remember me.Some of you guys nakakachat ko pa sa YM like Ed, Cindy and She, some are on my friendster but most of you,wala na kong balita. I hope you guys are doing well sa mga career nyo.:)
So kaunting reminiscing lang po hehe:
This is from Ed's photo Album in Friendster.:
One of the best experiences i had working, was being with you guys! =)
An after shift gimik in Pier 1, hindi na po ako nagyoyosi ngayon last year pa po yan!=) defensive.hehe
That's what you think! We were busy picking out what we want out of the most coveted "chocolate stash" as price for winning in the WAVE 7.0 ACE Competition. We were leading but an unfortunate lapse of judgement and familiarity with names gave all our efforts away! Sorry guys! Ha ha ha!
Who would have guessed i'll be good friends with one of these people?! And guess who! Hmmm... not irate, always just like that! Ha ha ha!I miss you She
Dematisse, Malate

This was the last time my ACE batchmates and I were able to go out together...I so miss them=(

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The good, the bad and the ugly faces of customer service

Before I started my shift last Monday, I went to market market food court,our office by the way is located inside the mall. I usually buy food before going on my shift and that particular night I am really in a hurry since shift starts by 830, so I don't have the luxury to choose the food stall or food chain.There are a lot in the place so I just settled for the nearest one.So there I was in the food court ,I was looking at the foods displayed in front of one stall,when a store crew approached me:

Crew:Sir mura po ito , 69php with one fried rice, two viands,2 shanghai and a drink.
Me:Ayt.I'll have lechon kawali and tuna steak.That is for take out.
(Then here's the part that made me extremely mad. After putting all the food in container,passing my orders to the cashier to punch the items, she turned to me and said:)

Crew:Sir 'pag take out po pala may bayad 'yung plastic spoon and fork,styro and 'yung drinks po walang takip unless ipaupgrade nyo po.Additional php 15 for upgrade.
Me:What?Dapat free of charge yun.May mga customers kayo na nagpapatake out di ba?
(If you can see on my face that I am really mad but at the same time I was so concious of my time left since I dont wanna be late.I grab the plastic bag, paid the bill but before I left I let this girl know how bitch I can sometimes be.)
Me:Alam mo, hindi na ako uulit sa inyo.I will even tell my friends not to eat in this place.sasabihin ko that you're charging extra for take out.Then I smiled.
Crew:Sir sorry po pasensia na po...hindi ko na lang po kayo ichacharge sa styro.
Me:Thank you pero nawalan na kayo ng customer at potential customers.

Is that customer service?False advertisement pa.They just put plain rice tapos 69 php but additional charges for take out?That's a bull.And their food is not even good.The name of that damn food stall is Chin's, it's in food choices of Market,just in case you wanted to know.
I mentioned on my previous post that I'll start to take in "toxic calls" by Monday.To my surprise,when I log in Monday night, the calls that I have been receiving were still regular calls (e.g.billing,service inquiry, outages etc).When I asked a co-escalation agent,I was told that I am not yet on the escalation queue.I don't know if I should feel happy about it (I guess), so I just proceed with what I am doing.Then came one irate caller.And as they say,when karma strikes, it will hit you big time.Remember what happened to me before my shift.Yeah what comes around goes around.

Caller:I don't think you can't help me about this.I have talked to nine people this morning and they didn't help me but just messed up my account.(most of the time customers exaggerate the number of times they called)
Me:I apologize for what happened to you.If you will give me your concern I will be more than happy to assist you.(Customer vent out anger.Yada.Yada.Yada.She didn't allow me to speak so I just listen.Then I talked.)
Me:Ma'am this is what we will do about this...(customer interrupted)
Caller:That's a bull...I know you will not be able to help me...Let me speak to someone else.
Me:(empathy statements galore)I understand your frustration,I am here to help u ayt?Since this will be blah blah blah...

(I was not yet finished because customer interrupted me again )

Caller:I was right when I thought that you couldn't help me.Give me your Supervisor!!@! shouting...*cuss words* followed
(I told myself,patience is such a virtue.I am about to deliver the abuse spiel we use for customers who cuss agent but then I really wanted to pacify this bitch so I listen.However were just going in on circles so I was really pissed off.Still I listen.And finally when I can no longer stand her blahs, I finally speak out - forget the punctuation marks, Art.This bitch deserves a lesson.)
Me:The problem with you Ma'am is that you don't listen.We will not resolve this issue if you keep on interrupting.I know what to do with your account.I have your information in front of me but you never gave me the chance to talk.And if only you have given me the chance to tell you what we should do then the issue should have been resolved now.I beg you to listen!
(Yes I said that without pausing that's the tendency when I get really really mad.The customer shut up.)
Me:(then I said again).Listen.We will be waiving this fee and this fee (suddenly the customer transform from a hostile to a happy customer).How about that ma'am?
Caller:Art,(for the first time she called me by my first name)I am really sorry for shouting at you and for being so mean...It's just...I apologize..Honey I hope u didn't take that personally.It's your company not you...
Me:(Yeah right.Apologize?Lumuhod ka, halikan mo ang mga paa ko!Hayup.)I understand that Ma'am...(And don't call me honey.Hindi ako pumapatol sa mga gurang.Nakarinig ka lang ng waivers nagpasweet ka na.)

And the call ended happily ever after.It's not actually a difficult call, she must be having her monthly period when she called.More of these calls will come starting Thursday.My restday falls on Tueday and Wednesday,so I will start to handle sup calls on Thursday.I have been reading modules and studying some accounts since Monday.I have to make myself ready since for peter sake it no easy job,you have to deal with racist and hostile customer shouting, cussing, cursing words you never heard your whole life.Bang.I am not used to this but I have to.Well,gone are the petiks days,say hello to irate callers.
Since we're talking about customer service let me tell yeah what a good customer service is.Since today is my restday and I want to relax,I went to Malolos Spa this afternoon and had a whole body massage plus an hour of sauna bath.Would you believe its only 300 bucks, with 1free ice tea, which I even ask for extra , a nice place and friendly masseuse and staff.They even have a room where you can chill out to a good music and a cable TV. That was my second time in place, and they never failed to give me excellent customer service in the real sense of the word.So I gave a tip.And that's because I was satisfied.I will even tell my friends to visit the place.
I have been bothered by my cellphone,I thinks it's busted already.All I can see is Nokia welcome name everytime I put it on.It doesn't go thru the applications.After texting Ferdie about the free polytones links he sent me,I turned off my phone since it was hanging and prior to that I sent mulitiple messages to some friends.I don't know what the culprit is, the paranoid me thinks it was the picture messages that a stalker is sending me that I mistakenly save to my phone's memory.I hope it's not a virus, cellphone viruses have been spreading already like a common flu but hell please spare my phone.It's a good thing I have an extra phone but I can't afford to lose the other one,since I keep most of my friends no on the phone's memory not on the sim's.Plus the pictures.and the mushy messages.And also I am so allergic to wasting money just to fix this, wish I took a technical course on cp troubleshooting.darn.

Tomorrow I will accompany my mother to Divisoria, we'll be buying fabrics for the cover of our sofa.I hope I will not be tempt to buy polo and pants, there's one store I know at the cluster mall that sell cheap but nice men's apparel.I belive they imported them from Hongkong and Thailand.Cheap but quality goods.I haven't been to Divine (Divisoria), this is how a gay friend call it hehe (pasosyal) for quite a long time so I am excited for tomorrow. And since already 4am, I need to say bye bye for now.Till next post.have to sleep.=)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

It's time to shine?!

I will start taking in escalated calls by Monday.I was appointed by my team captain to be included in the escalation team.Lucky me.hehe.Although I am really hesitant about taking this position,(if you have read my previous post, I enumerated the reasons why I dont want to be promoted as EA), I finally said yes,I'll take the post, kahit pa sapilitan because TC told me it is the right thing to do.He said that if I want to be promoted to a higher position, say Team Captain or QA analyst, I have to be in the escalation team first.One at a time,he said.He gave some encouraging words ,that left me thinking and contemplating since it has something to do with my future.Future daw oh?I know TC wants the best for me.I am so happy because he believes in my capabilities.
There are five of us who were promoted as EA and there are about more than a hundred agents in the floor.So it is really flattering if you have been chosen to do the job of a supervisor.It is a huge responsibility so I really have to be good in what I am doing.Pacifying irate customers and taking in calls that can't be handled by regular agents is no easy job.This is really one challenging position, so I feel excited of facing the pressure and demands of the job but at the same time,I can't help but feel nervous about it.

With Meg
"Maawa kayo sa mga bulag,please..."
I starting to love my schedule, although my restday is on weekdays, it's fine since saturday and sunday are petiks days, meaning call volume is low.You can even sleep during the shift or finish a couple of chapters of your favorite book.And that's what I am doing, I am sleeping during shift hehe, (look,ayan ang ebidensiya sa taas, nakashades pa,angliwanag kasi sa floor)bad me and also I am reading Prisoner of Azkaban.Yes I am still on Book 3 of Harry Potter series.Well,I have to go back on reading books since I feel like my brain cells are no longer working.hehe.But the not so good thing about working on weekends, is I will not be able to watch PPS ,Search for SIAM and some good TV programs.Anyone who has catched PPS and SIAM this week?any updates?
I will no longer be on my team Tomahawks.I will surely miss my team mates.But as they say, changes are inevitable, and I will still see them anyway, so there's no reason to be sad.Besides most of my former team mates are on the escalation team so it will just be a tad adjustments on my part since I already know most of them.
Nothing interesting stuff happenned this weekend.Same boring life.Today is a Sunday and I have a shift later.Just finished watching kiddie cartoon The Incredibles on DVD.I also watched The Buzz for showbiz chickas.updated na ko hehe.
So there.I have to brace myself.Tomorrow will be one big day for me.So help me God.

Friday, August 12, 2005

" pagbuhos ng ulan,
Sa haplos ng hangin,
Alaala mo ay nakaukit
Sa pisngi ng langit.
Di man umihip ang hangin
Di man umihip ika'y nandirito pa rin."
Color it Red

Tita Yolly,isang taon ka man naming hindi kasama pero lagi ka pa ring laman ng aming alaala.Miss ka na namin...Baunin mong lagi ang aming mga dasal sa paglalakbay mo.Alam ko na kung nasaan ka man ngayon ay masaya at payapa ka...

Monday, August 08, 2005


I am self-confessed reality TV and local talent search freak.But since weekend is the only available time I have to watch TV so can only see a few local TV programs of this type that Ireally like.Two of those programs are talent search shows from the two giant networks.The first one is Search for Star in a Million and the other one is Pinoy Pop Superstar.And for those of you who also like these shows, here are the chicka / updates.

Finally the Champion League of Twelve has been completed.Tonight the two new champions added on the league were Anna and Lance.I dont have a bet yet kasi marami talaga magagaling sa batch na to.Maybe next week I will post my top three here.Gusto ko tama 'yung prediction ko parang 'yung kay Eric santos sa SIAM I.hehe.
1) anna -- got the voice and star appeal ,the bomb daw sabi ni wyngard
2) jimmy-- got the voice and attitude sa stage
3) kris -- rnb singer,angas hehe
4) tata-- great voice para sa akin
5)tony-- voice range is really high
6) joey -- complete package (?)
7) francis-- he joined PPS prior to joining Siam
8) vino -- the balladeer
9) shake -- classical voice, josh groban
10) lance -- mataas rin yung range ng voice
11) ais -- ok rin ang voice
12) jay -- hindi ko siya masyado nafefeel ang presence niya hehe

Sobrang dami nila kaya mahirap mamili.Kayo, sino bet nyo?lets all watch out for their grand presentation on aug. 14 at aliw theater.

The two grand finalists for season two are Harry and Gerald Santos.Long lost brothers daw ang dalawa, but they are not related.Here is an article I got from a thread in article from PEX

Harry and Gerald Santos

This isn’t a battle between blood relatives. This is strictly a singing competition. But with two beguiling Santoses in the early slate of Pinoy Pop Superstar’s grand contenders, we can’t help but explore the difference between the two!

Gerald Santos and Harry Santos are two unrelated teens from different worlds brought together by their singing prowess. They bring their unique qualities to the 2nd season of Pinoy Pop Superstar. Harry, 16 is becoming a ladies man this early thanks to his captivating Josh Groban vocal flair while Gerald, 15, has impressed audiences with an unprecedented score of 99% in the defending rounds of previous episodes.

These teenage boys have striking differences which set them apart from each other but at the same time, pull them closer to the appreciative hearts of the listening crowd. Harry is from a well-off family, while Gerald grew up in a lower income community. Harry is in his college, while Gerald is in his 3rd year in high school. Harry infatuates on young Nadine Samonte, while Gerald dreams of meeting working mom, Carmina Villaroel. And when asked what they would do with the Php1 million, they gave different views. Harry says he’ll buy a house where he and his family can stay together, while for Gerald, depositing the money first in the bank would be ideal so that in case he loses the singing contest, he’ll still have cash to spend on rainy days.

Although having different backgrounds, these two aspiring singers share some similarities as well. Harry and Gerald’s love for singing were inspired by the death of their loved ones. It was when Harry’s beloved grandmother died that his family heard his powerful voice. Gerald, on the other hand, couldn’t stop thinking of his uncle who passed away too. It’s undeniable that they are highly attached to their families and relatives. It’s also no longer surprising that both consider building a career in the musical world. Harry says “Gusto kong magkaroon ng experience and mag-enjoy hangga’t kaya ko pang kumanta.” And Gerald? “Maraming nagsasabing maganda boses ko and gusto ko rin po talaga [kumanta].”

Harry Santos and Gerald Santos are the first two grand contenders of GMA 7’s weekend show, Pinoy Pop Superstar Season 2. They will compete in next year’s grand showdown. Watch the country’s fresh singing talents every Saturday, after ’Wag Kukurap.
Para sa'kin 'yung range ng voice ni harry and Gerald ay para sa mga ballad at pop songs.Although magaling talaga at powerful ang voice ni Harry harry especially pag mga Josh Groban songs ang kanta niya,kayang kaya niya.Si Gerald naman, malufet din, and everytime na kumakanta siya, parang I'm watching a drama,I see a child acting on stage without effort pero mageemphatize ka sa character.Ganun siya kaeffective pag nagdeliver ng song.'Yung tipong parang umaarte siya at umiiyak pero hindi naman.If you guys watch this saturday's episode there is a new major contender and his name is Dan.Personally, I think magaling din tong Dan especially his rendition of Eric Clapton's change the world.Medyo husky 'yung voice nya pero carry niya 'yung pagdeliver ng pagiging soul nung kanta.And he has a different style sa pagpeperform.Sobrang taas ng energy level niya last saturday kaya naging mahigpit ang laban nung wildcard round.Nakipagpustahan pa ko sa nanay ko na bago ang magigiging champion.Nagkaroon tuloy ako ng LSS sa song ni Eric Clapton.hehe

"If I could reach the stars
Pull one down for you,
Shine it on my heart
So you could see the truth..."
-Change the World
Eric Clapton

Mga liham ng nilihim na pag-ibig

by Sugarfree

Naglilinis ako ng aking kuwarto
Na punong-puno ng gamit at damit
Mga bagay na hindi ko na kailangan
Nakaraan hindi na puwedeng pagpaliban

Mga liham ng nilihim kong pag-ibig
At litrato ng kahapong maligalig
Dahan-dahan kong inipon
Ngunit ngayon kailangan ng itapon
Di ko na kayang mabuhay sa kahapon
Kaya mula ngayon, mula ngayon....
Ang jacket mong nabubulok sa sulok
Na inaalikabok na sa lungkot
May panyong ilang ulit nang niluhaan
Isang patak sa bawat beses na tayo'y nasaktan
Di ko na kayang mabuhay sa kahapon
Kaya mula ngayon, mula ngayon...
Alaala ng lumuluhang kahapon
Dahan-dahan ko na ring kinakahon
Natagpuan ko na ang tunay kong ligaya
Lumabas ako ng kuwarto't naroon siya

Magpapaalam na sa iyo ang aking kuwarto
Magpapaalam na sa iyo ang aking kuwarto
Magpapaalam na sa iyo ang aking kuwarto
Magpapaalam na sa iyo ang aking kuwarto

Magpapaalam na sa iyo...
Magpapaalam na sa iyo...
Magpapaalam na sa iyo...
Magpapaalam na sa iyo...
I spent the entire Sunday cleaning my room. Angsarap ng feeling na maaliwalas ang paligid mo. Ito talaga 'yung pangtanggal ko ng stress, pag nakita kong maayos at malinis ang kuwarto ko.Pero I am not yet completely done,sana nga lang may incinerator kami dito sa bahay,angdami ko kasing mga basurang kailangang sunugin dito.Matagal-tagal rin kasi akong naggeneral cleaning, kaya pinilit kong irecall 'yung 5s na tinuro nung college-Sort, systematize,sanitize,standardize,self-discipline.Oo may subject kami nung college tungkol sa pagiging organize (Quality concious,habits and processes) at uno ko dun sa subject na 'yun hehe.
I am no obssessive-compulsive pero I am the the type of person na gusto ng maraming space.Kaya mapagtapon ako ng basura.At kulang ang isang buong araw sa paglilinis ng kuwarto ko kaya itutuloy ko na lang ito tomorrow or the next day since for this week, my off will be on tuesday and wednesday.
Natutuwa rin ako kapag naglilinis ako at may mga bagay akongdi sinasadya ay nakukuha at nadidiskubre.Minsan mga bills and coins na nakaipit kung saan saan.Katulad kanina I found my old wallet na may mga 10 peso bills.Kahit mga small bills lang ito, pag pinagsama sama mo, voila, may pambili na ko ng internet cardo kaya'y isang frap sa Star Bucks.May mga damit na nakatambak lang pala na sobrang tagal mo na hinahanap.Mga gamit na tinatago mo dahil sa sentimental value nito kahit hindi na magagamit pero kapag nakita mo bigla na lang may mga tao at mga bagay kang kang maaalala.
I also chanced upon compilation of love letters ng sister ko.The letters are from her suitors when she was still in college,mga late eighties to early nineties yung dates sa letters,kung kailan hindi pa uso ang email at text messaging.Nakasulat pa ang mga ito sa mga floral at scented na stationeries.Some letters are really cheezy and funny,here are some parts from those letters na naaliw akong basahin.

"I know that you have been hurt by a man (natural alangan namang woman hindi naman tibo sis ko) who did not deserve any part of your life but let me change it and so you'll know that my love is true". yeah right.

"When I hide this feelings, it hurts me a lot, like the song said, it would take a strong strong man to ever let you go, but I am not strong enough to let you go so I am telling you that you are very important to me. Because I love you."Strong man ka jan.

"Do you believe at the saying love at first sight ?I asked you that question because the first time I saw you I fell in love with you.Can you keep it a secret?Because if nobody knows that I am making ligaw with you no one would interfere."making ligaw huh like you're some kind of conio huh!?

"Alam mo ba na there are changes in my studies, lahat ng grades ko nagimproved, pati recitation at lahat ng ito ay dahil sa aking one and only at nagiisang ikaw."ahehe, nagiisang one ang only.

Para tuloy akong may sayad dahil tawa ako ng tawa habang binabasa ko ang mga sulat na to.Naalala ko rin nung grade school,mahilig din ako magsulat nito at 'yung iba kinokopya ko sa mga letters galing sa suitor ng mga sisters ko.Wala akong pakialam kahit wrong grammar pa ito.Basta matuwa lang yung bibigyan ko, okay na ko.Naaalala ko,kahit mukha pang kinalahig ng manok 'yung sulat ko,'ung thought na nagexert ako ng effort at kahit corny o baduy man 'yung sinasabi ko ay napangiti ko yung pinagbigyan ko, masaya na ko dun.Sa panahon ngayon na sobrang advance na ng technology, we have email messaging, internet and cellphones, nakakamiss rin yung mga traditional love letters,na mas personalized,pinagpaguran at binuhusan ng pagmamamahal.=)

Sunday, August 07, 2005


It's already my ninth month sa call center na pinagtatrabahuhan ko.Iilang beses ko na ring naisip na magresign dahil inassess ko ang sarili ko kung ano na ba ang naaccomplish ko sa loob ng siyam na buwan na itoMinsan nawawalan ako ng gana dahil narerealized ko na parang walang nabago.
Maganda naman daw ang performance at productivity scores ko sabi ni team captain .In fact,ilang beses na rin akong inalok na magescalation agent,pero tinatanggihan ko.Supervisory ang responsibilities ng escalation agent,pero hindi ko pa rin siya maituturing na promotion.At maraming dahilan kung bakit tinatanggihan ko ito.One,ang salary ay kapareho lang ng sa agent.Two,some escalation agents ay naappoint lang talaga at hindi based sa performance or sa stats.Although some of them ay talagang magagaling pero 'yung iba questionable talaga.Pangatlo, maraming issues sa escalation team at ayokong dumami ang kaaway ko dahil dito.Kung pagagandahin ng company namin ang image ng escalation agents,with added benefits and all, baka magbago isip ko.
One of my batchmates was promoted as OIC,its actually a position next to being a team captain.Good for him,I am happy for him .Pero napansin ko na marami ang nagtaas ng kilay.Marami ang naguluhan kung paano sila nagaappoint ng OIC.Paguwapuhan na nga lang ba ang laban?Although, magaling naman itong si "Atenista guy" pero hindi namin nafeel ang presence niya.In fact marami sa mga ahead sa batch namin ang naungusan niya.Biglang nagkaroon ng politika sa opisina, kaya nadismaya ko.Hindi ito inggit o anuman pero sumampal sa mukha ko na may palakasang nagaganap.Sa ngayon, ang motivation ko na lang talaga sa trabaho eh yung mga kaibigan ko.
Mabilis lang ang siyam na buwan at kung sakaling magiging agent pa rin ako sa susunod na siyam na buwan ay okay lang hanggang masaya pa ko sa ginagawa ko.

Teka nga ano daw?

Anglufet mo Diesel, talagang napansin mo talaga yung mga lyrics ng song na to.repost ko lang po ah.These are song lyrics that will make you say "teka nga ,ano daw?"

Changes In My Life by Mark Sherman
"I was not so happy being lonely living without you..."(of course!)

Saddest Song I Ever Heard by For Real
"Remember that song
It was your song
It was my song
It used to be our song(okay..okay..okay...)

Always by Erasure
Open your eyes
I seeYour eyes are open
Wear no disguise for me
Come into the open(I'm sure your eyes are open)

Not Your Ordinary Girl by Kyla...
Go ahead do your thing Im go now
Well let me get that number just in case you dont wonder
Boy you really wont quit and you're kinda kulet...(Wow, sosyal!)(Peace...Kyla fanatics)

Talk About Us by Jennifer Lopez
I saw you and fell in love
You saw me and fell in love, too
You and me
We fell in love with each other last night(Ahh..okay!)