Friday, July 30, 2004

Moving on

I still have one day to go before finally I bid goodbye to my call center life in Vertex.i still have to finalize my resignation and that three day leave sad thinking bout my old friends,i really hate goodbye but i know life has to move on,im excited what will happen after this.pupulutin na lang kaya ako sa kangkungan?
I didn't report today for work,told my TL that I have LBM, which is true.I know its bearable,but what is not bearable is the time I will spent on my 4 to 1 shift.Christian (my ex) and I talked over the phone after I got a txt from him telling me that he needs a friend right now.I just realized today that if I cant be a perfect lover to him, I want to be a perfect friend.Being a PLU is not easy and this friend of mine we've been thru a lot in our relationship and I want him to feel that Im just beside him especially if he's down and needs someone to talk to.I invited him to come over in the house , mom is not here, so I was left at home alone.I must admit I was not excited seeing him.I know I was obviously cold because I refrain to answer some of his questions like whom am I dating or if I am committed right now.I want him to respect my privacy but it seemed that he's so nosy what's going on with my sex and love life.Christian is still the same insecure guy I used to know.He keep on asking if the guys Im dating right now is as good looking as he is.Told him Im not a superficial person but he didn't believe me.So there we kissed we cuddle, we had sex.I miss him,true, but why is it that I cant remember the feeling anymore when I was madly inlove with him, before I can bear anything,do everything for him, but now makes me wonder when crazy before for this guy.For hours we just talked everything that happened in his life for the past months.Then he told me that Brad(his Lover) and him broke up a week ago because of a third party.I know that guy is a slut and I should have forewarned him that that asshole is a player.But I shut up,and just watched him getting hurt again.I know he'll get over it.Basta I let him feel that I'm just beside him, being a friend.We can't help but laugh everytime we call each other bestfriend,yeah I guess much better than our endearment "honey".Brad actually txt him and wanted to reconciliate and talk.So even if I want Xtian to sleep here at the house I told him to listen to Brad, maybe things will still be patched up.I accompany him catching for the last trip.Now I came to my senses,now everything is clear to me, I'm over this guy,life has to move on.:)

Monday, July 26, 2004

My restday,I have been resting for three days now.Yes it also bores me to hell thinking of things I should be doing.Movie watching bores me now.I'm done watching the 6 films I rented last night.What will I gonna do today?
Flirting 101.This guy from Baliwag called me up last night.We actually met two weeks ago,had sex but after that havent heard anything from him.I'm not considering him to be my buddy.He's not a buddy material.He's not that good looking and he bores me everytime he talk.But I can say , he's sweet.I'm not closing my door on him (ang haba ng buhok kong kalbo)I miss that feeling of being cared for.Lets see,I might give it a try.
There is one yahoogroup of Bulacan bisexuals/g ays I joined in.They call themselves BluVoys its a good thing to find a community here in Bulacan.Well everytime I chat I am always finding someone from Bulacan, i will no longer have a hard time looking now since most members of the group are from Bulacan.I dunno if I will make myself active on this org.But I am looking forward to the future activities they will have.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Lazy ass

I have been absent in the office for two days just to describe my present condition, its like this:Mas mahirap pala yung ganito, ung parang naghihintay, para bang nauupos na kandila, na unti unting natutunaw.Ang gusto koy hipan na lang hangin bigla ang natitirang liwanag, para magdilim pagkatapos ay sindihan muli at magsimula uling lumiwanag.
I know I dont make sense as usual but just read on.
I went to videoshop and rented 6 movies last nyt, Munting Tinig (Small Voices), Hey Arnold, Quiz Show, Shaolin Soccer, One Hour Photo and Liar Liar.I am planning to watch all of these films in one night.But so far the only film I have seen was Mga Munting Tinig.Lets have a sorta movie review here.I now consider this movie as one of the best Filipino movies, on my personal list of fave.The story and direction was good, cinematography is ok,no wonder it competed and was noticed in competitions abroad.Alessandra de Rossi's is the lead actress. I really find this girl charming and acting wise she's good enough.Not a heavy dramatic film but a film full of heart.They have a nice setting its very Filipino,story revolves on the kids on the rural areas, that there is hope,I mean alessandra's character as a teacher in the film manage to give hope to these children whom I think should have the privilidge to be educated and to dream.It open your eyes to a lot of realities.So go and rent this movie.I know I dont sound convincing but anyway, just go ahead and see it.I'm happy i was able to see a film as good as this.
So there, I am seeing myself in two weeks time, just hooked up on the television and on my computer.Well,I'm planning to engage in sports like badminton or go to the gym, but I doubt I will able be to put my plans into action.I hope I could think of things I could do for the weeks, not just bum around.So gimme a break.

Saturday, July 24, 2004


I realized that I am slowly being burned out with the kind of work I'm doing...For eight months, I find myself handling almost a hundred calls everyday, some are good, some are worth to be remembered and cherished,and some I just have to forget.But some calls will still make me smile everytime I remember them,most especially those bloopers I made that drives the QA people crazy....The prankies, I will reli miss them.Eventhough how much irritated I am everytime they call,I know they've been a part of my so called call center experience.Most especially the kids,the like of Angelika and the prankies call center company,I will always remember them esp everytime I see a phone booth on a corner with kids playing on it.I cant help but remember them.The irate callers that i was able to pacify and i dont have to escalate.Those irate callers that are mad on the start of conversation but at the end of the call still manage to thank me after assuring them that I will do some action for their complaints.On the other hand, the Irate callers that I have escalated will also be remembered,they will be remembered bec they insult me, curse me and push me to to be a better CSR.I thank them because every Irate caller I handle,made my call center experience worthwhile and challenging at the same time.Its them that add variety and color to my monotonous call center life.The maangas callers from makati areas, the elite people,Baron Geisler and Jackie Forster, the foreigners who twisted my tongue and force me to speak in American twang,I will always recall how I manage to level myself with them naks..I will miss CJ, that girl who arouse every guy in the floor because of her seductive voice.That girl who once threaten me that she will drop by in Vertex and tell my supervisor to fire me because Im extremely mean to her.CJ if you will be able to read this I will surely miss you,too bad I wont able to lick and taste ur...secret hehe.I will miss callers I handled from Cebu and the Visayas area, their kanangs and their forced Tagalog speaking tongue will surely be a music to my ear now .I really do appreciate them bec they are so polite unlike callers from urban areas.They(visayas) will always try to reach out for a Tagalog CSR, (though I think sometimes we can be too intimidating to them),always been malambing, eventhough it takes years for Globe to repair their phone and lastly I never felt so respected everytime they call me Sir.I will never forget that.
I finally decided to quit.Nothing and noone can change my decision now.Ive been thinking of it for how many days.I will not renew my contract.
I know I will really miss Vertex, most especially the people I worked with.My batchmates, Sandy, Rohnell, Louie and Rochelle.And those friends I have from the other batches and other acct like GHP and Alorica.Too bad they are too many cant mention them here.I will miss them.I will miss my adorable and patient TLs Miss dofe, Miss Marj, Miss Jacqui, Sir Onin, Sir Jeff and Sir Clint,they have been part of being the better person that Iam now.And the Qa people and people from other dept will surely be remembered.As much as I want to cling on the friendship I have with them,I think its also time to give time for myself, to think, to reflect, to reevaluate my life.This is the time that I give time for my family,my friends, my nanay most especially.Some people may whine and give rants that working in a call center is boring,no social life, will destroy your body clock, will make u less competitive, I dont care, because I believe my experience is all worth it,I live it to the fullest and the people I worked with and the callers I talked to are real people and great people that i will never forget.
These and thousand things will be remembered,I know Vertex has contributed a lot for who I am right now.And I will be forever grateful with that.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Still undecided to continue my contract or not, whatever my decision will be I hope its what God wants to happen in my life. I always been deceived with my thoughts, making wrong decisions in my life.Like that Gary V song Di na Natuto.
Another day.Hoping that this day will be productive and I hope I will manage to put some zealousness and enthusiasm on my work.Maybe its time to be thankful that I'm not one of those unemployed people in this country.
Wohoo its payday,everyone is looking forward on this day.Money,this is my motivation now,whenever I feel like quitting.This is one of the reasons that I have to go to work.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

El Labandero

Just finished washing tons of clothes,alot actually including my mom's.So here I am, still wet,fresh from labahan,has aching back,aching head actually evrything aches,including my heart.Ouch. but I dont mind.The world has gone mad again,the rain started pouring really hard outside.The weather disrupted my plans of going out.I have no choice but share the thoughts thats on top of my head now.First of all, my plan of not renewing my contract has been bothering the hell out of me.I actually have the contract and they want me to work for them until December.I'm still undecided if i would continue my contract .So I check on the pros and cons about this.CONS 1)no assurance that ill have a job in a month 2)can't take being a bum, stay at home and be a palamunin again 3)no moolah, no money no honey 4)ill miss my friends (yeah as if the will miss me) 5)job hunting again, sickening interviews and exams PROS 1)no longer i will be bored with the same fucking callers I encounter everyday 2)time to give myself a break and unwind 3)think of better things to do like getting a second course or refreshing my programming skills 4)hunting for my new buddy oh well...
My finances has been bothering me,I am slowly running outta money. I know for the past few months I havent control my spending,I will go to Gimik places like Malate or in the mall whenever I want to. I lose track of my priorities like buying CD-writer or scanner,which Ive been planning for ages, buying a microwave oven or just any functional appliance for my mom,getting a new cellphone, paying our bills.So where have my money gone?.I really dont know how to handle money.For the past eight months,ive been splurging my money with shits that i dont need.It will be really hard for me if I wil loss my job and I better think carefully before I resign.

Monday, July 19, 2004

U got blog...

Everyone's into it.I read some entries and I find it cool and interesting, some people I dunno,I just start browsing and find myself taking a peek of whats going on with their lives and just to check if mine is still normal compare to theirs.It makes me think that each of us has his story to tell.And somehow there are stories I can relate to.I must say blogging is really addicting.I am keeping a journal, the conventional one, since I was in Hi-School but its not for public consumption unlike a blog where everyone will feast their eyes on your entries.But I think an online journal is also a good way of updating your friends cause sometimes you dont have time to talk to them since life can get as busy as hell.So they can just check their blog to check if ur still existing.Now I am starting mine.So just read on the misadventures and boring stuff in my so called life.
I should have prepare myself now to work...It's one boring sunday.Its a bliss to think the tomorrow will be my restday.But I dont think I would be able to rest.We work 6 days a week and I never enjoyed my restday since I start working here in Vertex.I was thinking of inviting Xtian(an ex of mine) to watch killbill2 tomorrow, heard its really a good movie, far better than the first one, but I'm having second thought of doing so.Yes, I am not yet over him,even how much I deny it.Things are far different now.Why would I believe that he really misses me and still love me? I'm not willing to be his kerida,I cant imagine myself being one.Yes I miss him but he's not the only dick in this world.I dont wanna appear pathetic this time.I know I will be able to get over him in time.He's happy, so why would I meddle with his happiness.If I am the one who is committed right now, I will never allow anybody to interfere.And maybe I just have to tell the other person to go away and get a life.