Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Tough 100 in '09

2008, without any question , has been a very tough year for me. It was a painful roller coaster ride that I did not enjoy riding. And so I thought at the beginning of the year that I wanted to make this year a very different one –I wanted to know my purpose, to start anew and to accomplish a lot of things. On my red Starbucks planner, I wrote:” 100 things I wanted to accomplish for 2009”.So here it goes:

1. Live for the present. 2. Learn how to trust and stop judging 3. Forgive and forget. 4. Talk and write sensibly5. Look good and feel good.6. Find an inspiration. 7. Give a lot of hugs, kisses and a lot of love.8. Redeem self after failure.9. Smile a lot. 10. Listen then think before talking.11. Walk the talk. Talk the walk.12. Learn the art of masking emotions when necessary.13. Cry a thousand rivers. Laugh like there's no tomorrow.14. Be in one with nature.15. Appreciate beauty. 16. Give respect and earn the respect of others.17. Learn how to apologize.18. Be more patient. 19. Be more thoughtful. 20. Be educated. Educate others.21. Do not deny myself the things that will make me happy.22. Kiss the rain. Play in the rain.23. Get promoted at work.24. Be proactive and spontaneous.25. Meet new friends or at least try to have some social life.26. Control my expenses and save a lot of money.27. Sell some of my stuff at e bay.28. Be an entrepreneur. 29. Live independently. 30. Win the lottery. Big time. I wish.31. Spend Holidays and special occasion with people I love.32. Quality time with my nieces and nephew.33. Buy my mom flowers on her birthday.34. Visit old friends. Do a lot of catching up.35. More bonding times with my team at work.36. Capture beauty in pictures.37. Buy a nice laptop. 38. Have a steady and fast internet connection.39. Upgrade my PC. 40. Get a new digital camera.41. Pay my debts. 42. Go on hiking or camping with friends.43. Hit the gym. Gain weight. Build muscles.44. Play volleyball. 45. Get a new sports : Tennis.46. Badminton. 47. Yoga. 48. Boxing. 49. Any water sports. Swimming. surfing. Wakeboarding.50. Capoiera. 51. Jogging every Sunday.52. Join a running marathon.53. Watch UAAP games.54. Take up culinary arts short courses. First stop: Maya Culinary Kitchen March 2009.55. Cook really nice food for my friends.56. Try different restos in Manila.57. Study reflexology. 58. Learn how to appreciate different genres of music.59. Write letters to friends, the old-fashion way.60. Learn another language. First stop: Instituto de Cervantes.61. See really nice films. Indie films should not be all about gays and poverty. Enough of those types.62. DVD Marathon. Movies. Series. Documentaries.63. Write a film review. 64. Read blogs of friends and learn from the lives of these people.65. Read and write poems.66. Print articles that I wrote and book bind it.67. Print my pictures. 68. Put great captions on my pictures which I rarely do69. Get a pencil and draw.70. Get myself into architecture and interior design.71. Buy a magic sing and sing my hearts out.72. Paint. 73. Visit Binondo 74. Learn the art of Fengshui.75. Go to Enchanted Kingdom.76. Go to Lamesa Ecopark.77. Clean my room. 78. Dye my hair blonde. 79. Sport a new haircut. 80. Pay visit to St.Jude Church.81. Go to Our Lady of Manaoag in Pangasinan.82. Attend mass on Sundays.83. Visit new churches. 84. Reflect on Holy Week.85. Join an outreach program.86. Maintain vanity. Be fashion forward.87. A complete medical check up on my health.88. Undergo LASIK Surgery. 89. Remove my braces. 90. Wear a colored contact lens.91. Pay a visit to a dermatogist. Try Microdermabrasion.92. Hit the beach on summer.93. Travel outside the country. Destination: any Asian country.94. See the beauty of the Philippines: Batanes, 95. Pagudpod Ilocos, 96. coron or Caramoan Palawan, 97. Cebu. 98. Bohol. 99. Camiguin Island . 100. and Boracay.
I am happy that some of them have been accomplished already while others are still work in progress.