Sunday, August 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Mitch

Last saturday, Mitch, my housemate , friend and teammate celebrated her 23rd birthday.We went all the way to Angono ,Rizal (Grabe ang layo.I took us about 2 hrs I think) just to sing on top of our lungs (videoke galore) and of course to eat (sarap magluto ng Nanay ni Mitch).Eventhough its really far,its all worth it.We all had a lot of fun.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Finally I have my own digital camera.I got this: Sony DSC w50.

Expect more pics on my blog.I will post some pics soon using this cam. =)

a beach outing on rainy August

CGE Beach Outing
All Hands Beach resort
SBMA August 6, 2006

One cool Sunday afternoon (But it actually rained that day.Good thing were done swimming)

CGE Escalation team

Escalation Fafas (My hipster team captain is the one in pink shirt)

Escalation hot babes.hehe
Fun fun fun

Again, we are a bunch of cam whores

Chillin' at our room with Gina, She and meggy
Sunset .(Credits given to Meg for taking this pic)

More pics posted at my multiply site:

Monday, August 14, 2006

Update daw

I wanted to blog last Sunday's company outing held at All Hands beach resort in Subic and post some pics but I forgot that I saved our pics in my office PC.So tinamad na ko to write a blog about it.Besides nothing worth writing happened on that outing.I will post some of the pics here sometime.

When I was in Subic, I thought of dropping by sa gapo and probably meet some old friends but time was really limited.We were just there for a day.But I am keeping my fingers cross that before Xmas makadalaw man lang sa mga kaibigan ko na pagkatagal tagal ko ng hindi nakikita.I sent dang (my girl bestfriend in gapo)nga an SMS that I was in Subic a week ago.Sayang nga daw at hindi man lang kami nagkita.
Totally nawala na ang Internet access sa office pati Windows Messenger.Ang tanging website na naiwan ay ang na lang naiwan ito.This site is really informative.
Today is a monday and i am just stuck here at home doing nothing.I am actually on a vacation leave just for today.I cant go out dahil anglakas ng ulan so I just stayed at home, pig out ,listen to MP3s and watch DVDs.At siyempre matulog ng matulog.sana ganito na lang palagi ang buhay.
I was able to catch Philippine Idol last night.gayang gaya nga ang American idol.pati mga judges nagpapakatrying hard gayahin yung mga American judges.haha.Sana masubaybayan ko itong show na ito.
I have to end my blahs na at wala namang sense ang mga pinagsasabi ko.And before I forget, i changed my blog layout na.I hope you guys like it.

I must be really bored to do this

From Joms blog

I wish I was a different ethnicity.
I have an eating disorder.
I'm short.
I'm tall.
I think I'm really attractive.
I prefer winter over summer.
I'm a geek.
I'm a shopaholic.
I'm reasonably intelligent.
I'm attracted to girls.
I'm attracted to boys.
I like British accents.
I smoke regularly.
I drink regularly.
I smoke socially.
I drink socially.
I get drunk easily.
I do drugs.
I will never date a bad kisser.
I've lied to avoid kissing them again.
I brush my hair at least 50 times a night.
I'm religious.
I'm not religious but have morals.
I lie frequently.
I'm impulsive.
I'm hardworking.
I liked "Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind".
"She's All That" is one of my favourite movies.
I'm good at History.
I speak more than two languages.
I enjoy taking pictures.
I like spending money on myself.
I like spending money on others.
I have a regular income.
I earn money on a job-by-job basis.
I pay my own bills.
I rely on my parents for money.
I can cook.
I enjoy cleaning.
Tidyness is a must in my life.
I like clutter.
My idea of good music is Britney Spears.
I have heard of Blonde Redhead.
I enjoy Blonde Redhead.
I'm fashion-conscious.
I have good taste.
People tell me I have good taste.
I excel academically.
I'm told I have yet to fulfill my potential.
I'm good at sports.
I'm good at certain sports.
I couldn't do sports to save my life.
I'm creative.
I'm artistically inclined.
I wanna be an artist when I grow up.
I wanna be an engineer when I grow up.
I eat when I'm upset.
I cannot adapt to change.
I'm interested in politics.
I have shoplifted.
I download MP3s.
I've done underage drinking.
I've gone underage clubbing.
I can dance reasonably well.
I can dance extremely well.
I dance like a cardboard gorilla.
I can sing.
I sing like someone stepped on my foot.
I can swim.
I enjoy surveys.
I enjoy surveys when I'm bored.
I keep a journal.
My teachers don't like me.
I enjoy controversy. (as long as its not mine)
I can be a bitch/bastard.
I have a thing for bad boys/girls.
I have tattoos.
I've been in a nudist colony.
I'm not sure if I want to have children.
I'm not sure if I'll get married.
I know who I will marry.
I'm interesting.
I'm a good liar.
People enjoy talking to me.
I annoy people from time to time.
I'm a born leader.
I'm a born leader but shouldn't lead
.I enjoy felching.
I have a foot fetish.
I have a shoe fetish.
I watch "Sex and the City".
I don't think Sarah Jessica Parker is pretty.
I wanna be J.Lo.
I cut myself.
I've cut myself.
I hate people who pretend to be suicidal.
I hate popular people.
I think cheerleading is a sport.
I'm photogenic.
I live in Chucks.
I think graffiti is art.
I have dated a criminal.
I have been cheated on.
I have cheated on someone.
I have a temper.
I like playgrounds.
I dance in the rain.
I'm obsessed with Shakespeare.
I have tanlines.
My favourite color is pink.
My favourite color is black
.I would classify myself as emo.
I'm musically inclined.
I like listening to music.
I like music-blasting cars.
Thongs are comfortable.
I like flip-flops.
I know what monogamy is......and I believe in it.
I wanna be a social worker when I grow up.
I have sibling/s.
My sibling/s annoy me.
I think "South Park" is funny.
I believe in LOVE.

*text in blue are my answers