Saturday, August 28, 2004

Me vain?No way!

I am trying to review what happened to me this August eversince I resigned from work.And I cant think of any interesting event that happened.Most of the time I am just here at home, bumming around, wasting my time staring at my PC monitor and tv and pestering my mom every now and then.I still have a week before I start my training in Teletech.I wish to remain a b remain a bum um but I know its impossible.I am no Cojuangco or Lopez but just a Felipe so I have to work a slave for the Americans just to live.So my mom went again to another funeral of a certain relative in Meycauayan today.So invited Bob, a chatter from Meycauayan to come over in the house to do some nasty stuff. Actually we didnt do anything we just kissed.I like the guy but then there is always a thing called wrong timing.I cant have sex in broad daylight hehe.But anyway he promise he'l keep in touch just like my other SEB partners in the past promise.Hindi na ko umaasa.I think I am becoming so vain already.I had my facial yesterday at this clinic in SM marilao then I bought some Kikay products at Watsons.I want to try this St. Ives Hydroxy Masque on my zit filled face.I bought Pond's whitening facial wash and skinwhite whitening facial wash.Yeah I think I have to make myself if.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

I finally got hold of my contract in Teletech,basically I just wasted my time going in pasay just to get this fuckin contract.bummer.I also went to school to check on my transcript but classes were suspended and there is no registrar.I just went to SM mla do some window shop,buy jessica zafra's book then went home.And now I'll be online to upload this blog of mine.Yeah right I still cant figure out how to to do this right.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

I want to upload my journal on the web but i dunno how to put them together.And still intimidated with those blogs i read in the web.They are products of amazing minds!Anyway I'll try to work this out and so are the things I need to accomplish before I start my training by Sept.6.I feel like I'm messing up again dunno what will I do with this fucking life.And I erased my entry for August 18,which I didnt do on purpose,I just mess up.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004


I am no longer a bum.Teletech hired me.Would u believe that?Tsk tsk.wohoo.(Music:happy).Teletech hiring process is such a breeze.Immediately after I took the exam and had my second interview, Ms. kate told me I was in.I know they consider me because I have call center experience already and that is really an advantage.I just hope that I will be able to give my best and pass the training.The training is really crucial and I dont want to fail just like what happened to me in Etel.I will give my best shot for this.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Tita Yolly died yesterday, August 11 2004 at about this time at the age of 61.may she rest in peace.i pray that wherever she is right now,I hope she is happy, I know she is with the Lord right now, so I dont have any worries.We will be going to Batangas this afternoon to attend the wake of my aunt and symphatize with our relatives.While waiting for my sisters I decided to update my journal here.I'm actually been busy this week looking for my prospective job.
I went to Glorrietta Job Fair yesterday.I noticed that most of the participating companies are call centers.I submitted my resume to some call ctr and decided to leave immediately.I went to Asia Call Center Link in Tower One.I had my interviews and I took the exams.I am not feeling well yesterday.I dont know if I did well in the exam. They will endorsed me to another call ctr in Ortigas and I have to wait for their call but I'm not expectant about it. I actually lost a single contact lens yesterday, which really bothered me.I was afraid that the single contact lens was just in some part of my eye and I might be blind just like what happened to actress Maureen larrazabal.I trust the Lord that nothing like that will happen to me.While taking a bath this morning, I decided to rub my eyes with soap and found the single contact I have been looking for.I know its dangerous to leave this contact lens in my eye overnight,I was really worried about it.God is really good because He didnt allow something bad will happen to my eyes.I was really thankful about that.
I am starting to be insomniac again.I cant sleep last night.I have been thinking about my situation right now, my being jobless and all.I am afraid of rejections, just like what I had experienced before.But then again I trust the Lord and there is still confidence in me, I know in every interview Ill have I put my best foot forward.I was also attacked by insecurities. Most of my batchmates in college have already established themselves on whatever field they chose to be. Most of them have stable jobs already.I was really insecure about that.Academically speaking, I know myself that were of the same level.I have discipline and I am dedicated to what I am doing, I know that.But I also realized my ningas kugon attitude will bring me nowhere.I promise to myself that once I found the job that Ive been looking for, my dream job, I will stick to it, no matter what happens.Because of boredom, I lose my job in Vertex, and I regret resigning, I miss the people more than anything else.But I have to move on, i always have a hard time moving on but this time I really have to otherwise I will end up frustrated or depressed.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

PLM Homecoming

It's been a while...Where will I begin?Hmmm, went to school yesterday to have my clearance sign by our dean.I really miss my school,the first thing I did was I go around the campus to check if there's a new building and to check those places I usually hangout.Nothing's really new except that theres a new big stage built at the side of the field,I think this year's graduation was held in PLM not in PICC.The building for the graduate school is being used already.At least for a year there's improvement.I can't help but reminisce my old college days,I miss going to school.I was seen by a former prof and she invited me to be a panelist for a thesis defense, it was flattering believe me, considering that I was not one of the best students in our college before,methinks.So I went, and I cant believe I found myself asking questions to these students,its a preliminary defense actually.It's a great feeling to be a panelist, pretending that you know the answers to your questions but in fact you're just there to ask, that is your job. I know I suck during our defense in college last year,I know it was hell during that time and I hate our panelist.I hate them for throwing stupid questions on us.The world is really round.Now its me asking stupid questions.I just handled two pairs of proponents,cause I need to submit my clearance at the registrar before five. So I looked for M. Regala, Computer Science chairperson and have my clearance signed.I may not be that popular during our college days but good thing he still remember me. He asked me where am I working already and even my salary.He actually discussed something about investment and savings, he makes sense in some ways but I know where our conversation is going,he will offer an insurance plan or something which has to do with security plans.Gee, I know it, but he didnt actually offer the thing straight to my face, he beat around the bush first then left his no. for me to contact him just I decided to invest with him.Some people are really desperate just to earn money,what if he knew that I'm already a bum, and the figures I have given him about my salary and stuff werent true.I know he wouldn'tt waste his time for me if he know that

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Oh I miss mah job

I am not the mood to write today, I want to hangout somewhere else,but I dunno where... I feel like there's a lot of things I should be doing right now like getting my transcript, changing the water of our aquarium,laundry or shoppingmy stuff in Divisoria or Greenhills(Now you know where I buy my stuff).I can only afford those things they sell in Tiangge,I'm one practical person u know. I would also want to look for a job already before staying home bored me to hell.And read some books,some intellectually stimulating stuff,I feel like my mental muscles are not working already,it needs some exercise.It sucks to feel this way,to be bored this way. I miss my job. I really do.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Tita Yolly

My Tita Yolly is in a very critical situation right now.Tita Yolly is my mom's sister .We have to go to batangas to visit her and be there for her whatever happens.My mom and Tita are really close.I know its still GOD who will decide on her fate but I dont want my Tita Yolly to suffer that much from the complications thats torturing her right now.I have seen how her body reacted to all those medicine and treatment given to her.How she endure all the pain and suffering.I know Tita has been a good person.I pray to God that her family would be able to accept whatever will happen to her.My Tita and I may not be that close but I will always remember her hospitability and warmth,everytime we would go to Batangas to visit them.I would always remember all the fortune telling sessions and kuwentuhan I had with her.I will really miss her if anything bad will happen.But we want to assure her that whatever happens my family would always be at her side, to support her and her family.Tita Yolly, we love you ,I still dont know what your situation right now.I still have to find out yet.Everything I know is in God's hands.I still believe in miracle. I know many will feel sad if God will take you at this time.I would like you to know that we pray recovery, we pray for peace to reign to u and ur family.I hope God will watch you,and we aill be watching you also.
I just cried when i went to her side.She's been bedridden for few days already and the doctor actually told my mother to transfer her to a bigger hospital.My mother refuse to because she's afraid that Tita will be tortured once transferred to a bigger be continue