Monday, December 12, 2005

xmas wish list

How fast time flies,Christmas is just around the corner.I am finished doin my Christmas list and all but I havent started doin any christmas shopping yet.I should have done that this week but because of the crappy weather, I decided just to do it after I got my 13th month pay which I hope will be given this week.I'm so lazy to go out since its raining hard since Friday.I dunno if will still have moolah after I'm done splurging for Xmas gifts for some friends and relatives.But its okay, christmas is more of giving so I should be a cheerful giver.=)But just to make myself feel good, I made my Xmas wish list ,so if you guys planning to give me a gift, I wont give you a hard time thinking for one.Kidding.Here it goes:
1. I wish to get myself a new aircondition for my room
2. A Sony NW - HD5 MP3 Player
3. A new puppy or kahit anong pet
4. A good album of my fave R and B artist
5. Sneakers anything red or blue
6. Jacket
7. Sony Cybershot Digicam
8. Any book by my fave author Paolo Coelho
9. Magic sing videoke Mic
10. DVD collection of HP or LOTR or Star Wars
11. New pair of jeans
12. any Refill apparel
13. messenger bag
14.a new speaker for my PC
15.Hugs and Kisses from some friends hehe
Isip pa ko dami eh.Libre naman mangarap.ahehehe

Monday, December 05, 2005

I wish I can write a poem as good as this.=)


Sumama na yata sa dugo ko ang gatas na ininom ko kanina
ngunit hanggang ngayo’y di pa rin ako dalawin ng antok
kahit anong lamig pa ang dala ng gabi.
Bakit ikaw,
itinumba mo ang matapang na kape,
pero hayan at malayang namamaluktot,
yakap ang matigas na unan.
Pinapanood kita sa yong pagbiling-biling sa nilamutak na kutson.
at sa lumalalim mong pagtulog habang hinuhukay ko mag-isaang gabing iyon,
nabibingi rin ako sa hagok ng iyong paghilik -
hudyat na nagtagumpay ka na naman at narating ang mga panaginip.
Mag-isa ka na namang nakapaglakbaysa mga pangarap na dapat tayong dalawa ang aabot.
Nangako naman akong sasamahan kita kahit saan
ngunit bakit
hanggang sa panaginip di mo ako kayang pagtiwalaan.
Iniwan mo na naman akong nakatunganga…
naghihintaysa pagbabalik ng yong ulirat…
nag-aabang na sana’y bigla kang
maalimpungatan at makita mong gising pa pala ako sa tabi mo
at tila kuwagong nakamasid sa ‘yong paghimlay.
Naghihintayna kahit pakunwari,
kahit pasinghal pa,
kahit walang anumang lambing
sabihin mo sa akin, “tulog na tayo”.

By dead poet
Pinoy Exchange Arts and Literature Forum
Post Your Poem here Thread
Dec 27, 2003
(*Posted without the author's permission hehehe)

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Lazy week that was

This is one sluggish week.I did not feel like working so I made every excuse I can think of so to avoid taking in toxic calls.
This is how lazy boy worked this week.
When I went to work last monday,I was really sleepy so I slept the whole shift.hehe.I slept while the customer was on hold,I slept while on break, I slept when there was no call.I slept big time like I never sleep for ages.I have been caught a lot of times but good thing I am good in making alibis.
On Tuesday,though I know I can still work I complained about my sore throat and "fever" then went to the company's clinic to avail of medicine.Good thing that the nurse was also lazy enough that she never bother to check my temperature.I just told her she need to sign up a form so I will be allowed to go on undertime.And I was surprised, with no questions asked, she signed up the form.So I went home after answering three sup calls.Then I slept again.
On Wednesday night,I went out to meet some college friends at Glorietta so I think somehow that changed my mood.I went to work,loaded myself with extra joss and took in calls.
By thursday, I woke up late like 30 minutes before my shift.Then I just decided I wont go to work.I sleep till 11 in the morning then went home to Bulacan.
On Friday, I went on a vacation leave.And saturday and sunday will be my restdays.Saya.Buhay ng tamad.I really have no idea why I started to feel like this.But I am certain that it just take one strong motivation so I will feel productive again.That motivation I guess can be a person (well I am still ranting about my lovelife)or some big changes, because everything gets boring already.
I did mention above that we had sort of college mini reunion last wednesday.I went out with my girlfriends at Super Bowl Glorrieta 4.Hehe.They are actually my groupmates for most of the group projects I had during my last year in college.
I was the only guy in the group so it was really difficult dealing with them but I guess conflicts happens to any group not just us.Considering that the last yr is really the most crucial and difficult stage of college life.And despite all the trouble,thank God we graduated.
On this reunion we have,we ate like there's no tomorrow(the food in Superbowl were good), reminisced our college life, realizing that despite the pressure still we all miss going to school , a little chit chat on what's going on with the life of this and that classmate and updating each other's lives and planning of the next reunion.But then, since some of us are on night shift and still have to work, we parted ways shortly before midnight.Although the time is really short, it was really fun seeing them again.Really I had a good time which I needed since I am starting to get sick of my job.
To Diesel, Grace, Claire, Joan, Evelyn and Cecil I am so glad seeing u guys again after two years.There's a lot of changes but I am so happy that our friendship remains intact despite not seeing one another for so long.Hope we will have a get together again real soon..
PLM Gusaling Villegas stairs
3 years ago...
See the date?November 26 2002
Super Bowl Glorrieta 4 November 30, 2005

Happy Anniversary Batch 16

November 29th marked my one year anniversary on this company I am working with.There's no celebration or anything, I just greeted some of my batchmates and told them "I am so happy we survived."hehe.I know I am not the only one who complain every now and then how company politics is so rampant,why we are not compensated enough, why our salary rates is lower as compared to other call centers yada yada yada but I was really happy that despite all the whining I stayed and reached my one year.I know I said this a lot of times already but what really makes it difficult for me to resign is that I dont wanna leave the people, most especially my friends.I have no idea how long will I have to stay but definitely if that time comes it will be really painful since I have been with three call centers but this is the only one that I found a family, a home that I can called.Eww,I am getting mushy again.
Batch 16B Bahay ni juan, somewhere in Pasig
December 2004