Monday, November 27, 2006


I chanced upon an entry on Myles blog where she was crying her heart out about the direction of her career.I share her sentiments since she is also working in a call center just like me.

At this point in time, I also dunno where am I supposed to go.You can give me a map or a compass but still they will be worthless because I do not know how i will use them.

I wish people can see the bold sign on my face that says : HELP I AM LOST.I am so much confused and uncertain on which way to go.

I am getting old but i still can not figure out how can I overcome my poor sense of direction.

I wish my life is a reality show just like amazing race where route information clues will instruct me where to go next.If I get a detour, I just have to choose just two tasks, each with each pros and cons.I think it is easier to decide if there were few options given.

I can also get a fast forward clue and i will not have to perform the other tasks.

There can be road blocks but still clues will be given.

But life is not a reality show.Or maybe it could be.I was given hints and shortcuts but I ignored them.I felt that I am already eliminated right before I begin the race.

I got so many plans but I dunno how to put them in action.I wish I am a very organized person and knows how to plan my life ahead of time.It is just frustrating to think that the life I have now is not the life that I wanted three years ago.But maybe, just maybe, I was so idealistic then.

I am tired doing the same old routine and going on in circles.I want to try doing something different but I am afraid that I will fail.And if I fail, I do not think I will still have the courage to move on.

I said to myself a lot of times that as long as I am happy with what I am doing I need not to worry about everything including my future.I wanted to live my life doing the things that I really love doing.But am I still happy?I am also not certain about this one.

As time passes, there something or someone trying to convince me that it will be impossible for me to realize my dreams or my destiny.I am slowly lossing faith that all the universe conspires in helping me to achieve what my heart desires.

Enough.I better stop ranting before the list goes on and on.


Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worse kind of suffering.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Vertex Reunion

Our good old vertex days
Taken two years ago :
And finally, a mini-reunion. Thank God it happened, we have been planning this for ages.
Starbucks Podium
November 18, 2006

Clint, Lyla,Candy, Francis,Richelle, Ria and Moi
Moi and Troy, the organizer

Francis, Richelle , Ria, Troy
Francis, Richelle , Ria, Moi
I am glad seeing u guys once again,reminiscing our old Vertex days, and catching updates and chorvas of your lives.I am really happy that despite all the changes that happened, nandiyan lang kayo.I honestly treasure the bond and friendship that we have.I hope we can keep it for life.Enough of these drama.I hope we will have another one this December.See yah again.=)

Monday, November 13, 2006

CGE Prom Party

Last Sunday Night,12th Nov, our account had a party as a treat by the client for being the top call center when in comes to satisfying the customers.It was held at Guilly's Island Tomas Morato QC.The event's theme was Prom Night.It reminded me of my high school days when we had our Junior senior prom.That was 8 yrs ago hehe.Brings back a lot of mushy memories.There were a lot of food, drinks and dancing.Surely we had a lot fun.This is what we needed since work is becoming boring and stressful.Anyway, let these pictures do the talking on how fun that party was!

Guilly's Island Tomas morato QC

Fab band

EA boys

Ea Girls

The whole Ea Crew

EA Dance Group

Moi and She

Meg, Jeng and Moi

I also posted pics on my multiply site.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Twenty Pics

Maybe I was expecting too much because this is the first time I saw her performed live.
Regine Velasquez' 20th anniversary concert is not as fabulous as her R2K concert.But it is not bad either.May mga songs na kinilabutan talaga ako like The music of Goodbye and Love Me Again. She received a lot of standing ovations from the audience lalo na kung bumibirit siya.She even said na paos siya because that was the 2nd day.Some friends told me that they heard a lot of bad reviews.Mga detractors niya lang yun , I said.Let's just say the show was good enough.She was still able to show her vocal prowess.
And my sister enjoyed it.So ok na rin.Puno pa rin ang Araneta.Regine Velasquez is still Regine Velasquez. I am sorry ngaun ko lang mapopost ang pictures.Sira kasi PC ko sa bahay.

Enjoy some of the snapshots. More on my multiply site.

Moi and my sister

"Naaalala ko pa ang aking istorya mula nang ako'y magsimula. Unang awit na aking namemorya ay turo ni Mang Gerry. Habang nag-gigitara naman si Mommy V. Nais n'yo bang marinig?"

Ibalik ang kahapon, sandaling di mapapantayan Huwag sana nating itapon, pagmamahal na tapat

I'm yours exclusively Right now we live and breathe Each other

With the light that you give in, it's true I am shining on,all because of you

You kissed me with your eyes And in your arms I fly again

Now we're here together yesterday has passed Life is just beginning, close to you at last

Please love me again Love me again, I'll do anything for you

Ang pangarap ko'y nagmula sayo Sa iyong mundo ang puso ko'y nakalimot

Learning to love yourself, is the greatest love of all

I never knew what love was til I met you

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Call Center Causes Damage to Mental Health???

I dunno who was the source of this news because I just got this from my email.This is a good read though.
read my insights at the end of the article.

PLDT myDSL Call Center Agent Curses at Caller

It was an ordinary day for Catherine Rossana (as she repeatedly said on the other end, as her real name) in her work as a customer service representative for PLDT myDSL.

Then came Raul Bacaldo, who came a calling one day complaining that his DSL connection is still down after 2 days and he needs it badly for an iFreedom VOIP call to the US to finalize his itenerary for his trip to the US.

Roughly, their confrontation went this line:

Catherine: Thank you for calling DSL Helpdesk, this is Cathy, good morning.

Raul: Good Morning. Yes, i called because we still do not have dsl since yesterday.

Catherine: Just a moment sir, i will check on your details.(then the usual asking of subscriber account details)..

after checking, Catherine says that there is a software adjustment in the area and will not be able to promise a definite time when it will be back.

Raul: So, i will still be paying for the days that our net is down?

Catherine: Yes, but i can help you to set up on a rebate for the days that you dont have net.

Raul, asked for a supervisor...Catherine refused saying the supervisor will report to work later in the day..

Raul: F$@k your company and the hassle it brings..

Catherine thinking that she had pressed the Mute button on her Avaya was clearly heard saying: F$@k You, why are you acting that way...

Raul: Why are you cussing at me? F$@k you too..

Catherine still did not realize that she pressed the wrong button and not the Mute button, denied repeatedly ever cursing.

Then she went hysterical and cried saying that she is just an employee and that Raul didnt have the right to curse her..
Raul said that he did not curse her but at the hassle that the situation is giving and it is uncalled for to curse him which Catherine still denied but is very clear on the tape that she cussed. Raul then repeatedly cursed at Catherine and asked for a supervisor which she replied by hanging up...

Thats a rough translation so dont blame me if you sided with anyone. This was in the news on Bandila( ABS-CBN) today, headlining it as Call Center Causes Damage to Mental Health..


For somebody who is also working in a call center (who get calls such as that everyday,since I work for an electric utility provider ), this is my point of view:

First i dont think that call center work will cause damage to mental health.Maybe the working environment of the call center has an effect to the attitude of agents but not on his/her mental health.If the agent is properly trained and professional (and have good manners), no matter how difficult a call is,the customer\'s issue will be resolved without going thru cussing and all that shit.

Being a customer service agent, you should be ready for this kind of things that could happen, or worst.If a customer is irate, dont take it personally.They were mad at situation or companys policy, so dont think that they are against you or upset talking to you.I know this is really stressful, but thats our job.We need A LOT of patience and understanding.Also we need to be professional at all times.Releasing a call is a No-no, marami nang naterminate sa office namin dahil diyan.If the call is really difficult, theres the mute and hold button, you just have to familiarize yourself on how to use them.

On the other hand,that customer raul is at fault for being improper and expletive.I am also a customer myself but I know how to control my temper.Maybe because I work in the same business so I learn how to put myself in the agent\'s shoes but lemme tell you that CSRs are being paid to assist customers, answer calls etc. WE are never paid to be shouted,cussed at.And beside enduring verbal abuse , profanity would not help solving the problem.

Parehong talo yung agent at customer.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Para Kay Cecilia

Hindi ko alam kong makakarating sa iyo ang liham na ito.Wala kasing makapagturo kung nasaan ka.Pero alam ko sa tamang lugar at panahon, kung meron pa mang matatawag na tamang panahon para sa atin, ay malalaman mo ang puso at damdamin ko.Ipagpaumanhin mo na lahat ng kababawan at sentimiyento na mababasa mo dito.Marahil naipon lang lahat ng gusto kong sabihin sa iyo sa tagal ng hindi natin paguusap.
Alam mo bang pinaiyak mo ko sa balitang narinig ko tungkol sa iyo.Ginagantihan mo yata ako sa madalas kong pagpapaiyak sa iyo noong mga bata pa tayo.

Lagi ka kasi naming binubuska ng kapatid mong si Japoy kapag naglalaro tayo ng bahay-bahayan nung mga paslit pa tayo.Paano lagi mong idinadahilan ang pagiging nanay-nanayan mo para utusan kami.Kaya para makaganti,hindi nanay ang tinatawag namin sa iyo kundi Inday.Lagi mo rin sinasabi noon na kamukha mo 'yung artistang si Aiko Melendez.Bata ka pa ang laki na ng bilib mo sa sarili.Kaya naman ang sinasabi namin lagi ay ang kamukha mo ay si Zoraida sanchez.Lagi rin namin ginagaya 'yung dialogue ni Roderick paulate sa Petrang Kabayo para asarin ka.Kapag napipikon ka sa amin ay umiiyak ka na lang.Marahil nakaugalian ko nang asarin ka dahil gustong gusto kong nakikita lumuluha ka.napakaganda kasi ng mukha mo kapag umiiyak ka.

Sa totoo lang,naiinis ako noon sa iyo dahil lagi mo akong inuutusan na gumawa ng eroplano at bangkang papel.Sabi mo magaling akong gumawa nito at balang araw ibibili mo ako ng totoong bangka at eroplano.Kapag pinaghuhugas ka ng plato o pinamamalantsa ng damit ng Tiya meding, lagi mo rin akong hinahatak na alalay.

Pero kahit ganun ka, ikaw ang bestfriend ko.Ikaw pa rin ang pinakakasundo ko sa mga pinsan ko.Ikaw lang kasi ang matiyagang magturo sakin mag-Ingles at bumasa ng abakada.Ikaw rin ang kasama kong manood ng TV para manood ng Okay Ka Fairy ko at Regal Shocker.Ikaw rin ang nagsasabi kay Tiyo chris na bilhan ako ng sapatos at damit kasi luma na yung gamit ko.Kapag dumarating ka mula eskwela ay may dala kang kendi o lapis para sa akin.Ikaw rin ang nagtatanggol sakin kapag tinutukso akong lampa ng iba nating mga pinsan. Lagi na lang tayong magkasama at napagkakamalang magkapatid.Oo nga pala muntik ko nang makalimutan,ako rin ang escort mo nung lumaban ka sa Little Miss Philippines sa Eat Bulaga!.Iyon nga lang natalo ka.Ang panget kasi ng sagot mo nung tanungin nila kung ano pipiliin mo , maging matalino ba o maganda?Sabi mo mas gusto mo ang maganda.At heto pa, natatandaan mo rin ba nung naglaro tayo ng taguan don sa bahay nila Nana Lumeng?Iyong malaking bahay dun sa tabi ng luma naming bahay sa Balagtas?Noong wala tayong mapagtaguan doon tayo pumasok sa loob ng lumang aparador na muntik pa tayong makulong.Iyak ka rin ng iyak nun.Pero sabi ko wag kang magalala.
Di ba hinalikan pa nga kita?Hindi sa pisngi kundi sa labi.Ikaw pala ang first kiss ko.Pero dumating sila Junjun, nakita pala nila ang paghalik ko sa iyo.Simula nun naging tampulan na tayo ng tukso.Nang mabalitaan ng nanay, ang sabi,masama daw 'yung ginawa natin kasi magpinsan tayo.Eh anong malay natin, mga bata pa tayo nun?At wala namang malisya 'yung paghalik ko sayo.Kaya tuloy sapul noon ay nagkailangan na tayo.Pero ngayong nilamon na ng malisya ang utak ko,naiisip ko pa rin ang inosenteng halik na iyon.

Natatandaan mo nung pumunta tayo sa Luneta 'nung minsan magbakasyon ako sa inyo?Akala ko nga nun mamamasyal lang tayo sa Luneta pero sabi mo may pupuntahan si Tito at tita sa embassy.Umiiyak ka kasi sabi mo hindi na tayo muli pang magkikita.Hindi ako umiyak nun.malay ba naman ng bata kong isip kung saang lupalop itong Australia na sinasabi mo.Pero sabi mo mahal na mahal mo ako at bagamat aalis ka babalik ka rin at magkikita tayo.
Noong nandoon ka na,hindi ko naman naramdaman na napakalayo mo.Masipag ka magsulat.Minsan pa nga'y tumatawag ka sa telepono para mangumusta lang.Sinusumbong mo sa akin ang mga kakalase mong puti na nangaapi sa iyo.Ibinibida mo na ikaw ang pinakamarunong sa klase.Pero ewan ko at biglang nagbago ang ihip ng hangin at naging madalang pa sa patak ng ulan ang pagsulat mo.Lagi kong iniisip na siguro abala ka sa maraming bagay.mahirap naman kasing manirahan sa ibang bansa eh.

Alam mo bang nung papabalik ka pagkatapos ng limang taon para magbakasyon dito ay hindi magkamayaw ang excitement na nadarama ko?Nagpagupit ako ng buhok,bumili ng bagong damit at pantalon.Mistula akong aakyat ng ligaw sa paghahandang ginawa ko.Lumiban pa nga ako sa klase dahil doon.Pero nung magkita tayo ay tila napipi tayong pareho.Para tayong hindi magkakilala.Niha niho ay walang narinig mula sa isa't isa.Parang hindi mo na matandaan ang pinsan mong si Atoy.Hindi ko rin lubos na maisip na ikaw ang pinsan kong si Che che.Mas lalo kang gumanda.Natakot akong lumapit at makipagusap sa iyo.Tila kasi naging liberal na ang pagkilos at pananalita mo.Ikaw nga ba ang nagbago o marahil ako na ang naglayo ng sarili ko sa iyo?Mas pinili mo ding makihalubilo noon sa pinsan nating babae na kasing idad mo.Naisip kong habang tumatanda ang tao,nagbabago rin siguro ang kagustuhan nito.At isa pa ,mga dalaga at binata na tayo, hindi na siguro tama na makita na lagi tayong magkasama.

Tuwing ikalawang taon ay nagbabakasyon ka mula sa Australia.Sumasama pa rin ako sa reunion upang makita ka pero duwag pa ring lumapit sa iyo.Ni hindi ko maipakilala ang sarili ko na pinsan mo.Alam kong alam mo na magpinsan tayo dahil nagpapadala ako ng mga larawan sayo.At alam kong hindi ganun kahina ang memorya mo para malimot mo ako.

Kamakailan ay hindi ka na bumalik.Wala na rin akong natanggap na sulat o tawag mula sa iyo.

Hanggang tumawag ang tiya kanina.
Hindi ako makapaniwala sa balitang narinig ko.Dalawang buwan ka na daw buntis at ayaw panagutan ng lalaki 'yung ipinagdadala mo.
Nagngingitngit ako sa galit.Naluha at sinuntok ko ang pader at nagmura.Nagalit ako sa iyo at sa ama ng bata.Alam ko na hindi pagmamahal kung hindi libog lang ang namagitan sa inyong dalawa.Paanong nagawa kang lokohin ng hayop na iyon?

Buong pagaakala ko ay matalino ka.Sinabi mo sa akin na ano't anuman ang mangyari, magtatapos ka muna ng pag-aaral bago mag asawa.Hindi ka marunong tumupad sa mga pangako mo.

Hindi ba nung pinagagawa mo ko ng eroplano at bangkang papel, sinabi mo na sabay nating aabutin ang mga pangarap natin ?na sabay tayong sasakay sa mga totoong barko at eroplano?Alam mo bang isa ka sa mga inspirasyon ko kaya pinilit kong magkadiploma kahit naghihikahos kami sa buhay?sa susunod na taon ay magtatapos na ko. Gusto ko sanang pagipunan ang pagpunta diyan.Pero nawalan na yata ako ng gana at pagasa dahil sa pangyayaring ito.

Ang huli kong balita ay umalis ka na sa bahay nila Tiya.Ang sabi nila'y nalulong ka daw sa droga at kung kani kaninong lalaki sumasama.Tinangka ka nilang dalhin sa rehab pero mas lalo kang nagrebelde.Alam kong hindi mo magagawa iyon.Hindi ako naniniwala sa sinasabi nila.Hindi ka nila kilala kagaya ng pagkakakilala ko.

Cecilia,gusto kong puntahan ka at sabihin sa'yo na napakahalaga mo sa buhay ko.Na mahal na mahal kita.Na kaya kong panagutan ang batang pinagdadala mo.Pero ang idinidikta ng utak ko ay pawang kahibangan ang lahat ng ito.Mali ang nararamdaman ko.Mali ang ibigin ka dahil magkadugo tayo.Pero mahirap turuan ang puso.Mahal kita simula noong mga bata pa tayo.Mahal kita sa hindi maipaliwanag na dahilan, Basta't ang tanging alam ko,binago mo ang mundo ko.Binigyan mo ko ng inspirasyon.Naduwag man ako noon, ngayon gusto kong malaman mo ang matagal ko nang kinikimkim na damdaming ito.Alam mo bang naiinis ako sa sarili ko dahil wala akong magawa para sa ating dalawa.Lahat ng pinakamaliit na detalye ng alaala ng pagkabata natin ay iniingatan ko.Dahil iyon na lang ang meron ako sa iyo.Umaaasa ako na darating ang panahon na aalalahanin at maibabahagi sa'yo ang lahat ng iyon kung sakaling nalimot mo na.Kung dumating man ang araw na iyon, ako na ang magiging pinakamaligayang lalaki sa mundo.

Siguro nga isa lang itong twist sa pelikula ng ating masalimuot na buhay.Kagaya ng mga napanood ko nang kuwento,sa huli marahil tayo pa rin ang para sa isa't isa.Sana ako na lang gagawa ng sarili nating kuwento, marahil ay palalabasin ko na isa sa atin ay ampon ng ating nakagisnang pamilya.Malalaman natin sa huli,na tayo pala ay hindi magkadugo.Nang sa ganun ay maipaglaban kita.Nang sa ganun ay wala nang bawal na pag-ibig.Pero naisip ko rin na may mga pelikula na trahedya ang nagiging hangganan.Harinawa'y ang sa atin ay may naghihintay na magandang wakas.

***Ito po ay kathang isip lamang.Isang pagtatangkang magsulat ng kuwento tungkol sa bawal na pagibig.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


My sister and I will be watching Regine Velasquez 20th Anniversary Concert at araneta Coliseum on October 14th.This is my first time to watch her live in the Big Dome.I am not really a Regine fan ( my sister is) but I admire her talent plus she is a Bulakenya.Kababayan ko ito so susuportahan ko.I might also watch her movie with Robin ('Til I met You).

sabi ko nga hindi ako Regine fan eh.hehe.

Friday, October 06, 2006


I am officially a member of the metal mouth society - yung mga batang may bakal sa ngipin.

I am already wearing braces.

At hindi nakakatuwa ang may alambre sa ngipin.One week pa lang pagkakabit nito gusto ko na siyang ipatanggal.Sobrang hindi ako komportable.Mahirap kumain.Mahirap linisin kapag may tinga.Masakit sa bulsa ang pagmamaintain -cleaning and adjustments every month etc.

Wrong business decision.Pero wala na kong magagawa nandito na siya.Syang naman yung ibinayad ko kung ipatatanggal ko ito.At kailangan ko pang magtiis for a year or two bago ito matanggal.

Masyado na nga ba akong nagiging vain?Pero kailangan ko talaga.Hindi ako nagpalagay nito para ipamporma kagaya ng iba,kailangan ko talaga maiadjust ang ngipin ko.Big deal siguro sa iba pero this an investment na rin sa sarili.sabi nga ng teammate kong si jayson "My smile would launch a thousand bucks worth of metals".yeah right.

Dito lang naman sa'tin sa Pinas big deal ang magpalagay nito.Some people would associate having braces with being wealthy but the truth is sa ibang bansa,this is a sign of abnormality.
Hay, nakakapagod na mag callcenter.Three years na kong ganito.kailan ba ko makakaalis dito?Kung hindi lang talaga magpapasko.magreresign na ko.Gusto ko na makatulog sa gabi.

...They pay me for my american accent
i got money to pay my rent

this is only temporary
i am not really in a hurry
i will party all morning, work all night
i will date my honey in the broad day light

i will be at the the call center till something better gets along my way
its been a long long day hey hey...

-From Pinoy Dream Academy
Composed by raymund marasigan

Thursday, September 14, 2006


***Isang peryahan sa Malolos, Bulacan.Kuha ng Setyembre 13, 2006.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


My life used to be full of insecurities.In grade school, I often get upset with the financial condition of my family.I was studying in a public school.My father was working as a government employee and my mother was a meat vendor.What they were earning were just enough to bring food to the family.We even don't have a television set that time, so in order to watch my favorite cartoon program, I used to go to our neighbor's house.My parents also dont have the luxury to buy me expensive toys that I wanted.I was so envious of my friends who had family computer, bicycle and "game and watch".I was so young and I felt like I can't do anything to improve our situation.My father told me that being educated and smart would make us rich.That's what I kept in mind which motivated me to study hard.I graduated grade school with honors.Unfortunately my father did not see my medals.He died when I was eight.
Life was not easy in highschool.I was not able to see the world clearly, literally speaking.Thanks for having a very poor eye sight.I survived my freshman and sophomore high school days with a need to sit on the floor in front of the front row of the class to get a better view of the writings on the board. I had to copy my lecture from another classmate’s notebook, because even if I sat in front, if the teacher's handwriting was so small, I would really have a hard time deciphering it.It was also difficult for me to grasp the computer lessons and if there were film viewing moments, I have to ask a classmate for help to retell the story.And also because of this poor eyesight, I am often judged as "suplado"or unapproachable.The truth is, it was really difficult for me to recognize someone even if that person is in close proximity because all I can see is blurry profile of the person's face.I struggled a lot like a blind person but my physical defect did not hinder me from achieving my goal.I graduated high school on top of my class.
In college,I developed inferiority complex.I have always been insecured with my classmates who came from private schools, who can afford to hangout and party in gimik places like Malate and Libis,and who gets high grades because they spent a lot in class presentations and projects.I don't have that much friends because I was afraid of rejection.I was realy shy and don't talk that much.In first year,I also felt like although PLM is a good school,I should have went to UP and take the course that I really wanted.I was not proud of my school.I did not tell my high school classmate where I was studying.They thought I went to Up or some prestigious school in Manila.I was also not confident of my physical appearance.I was underweight,I had a lot of pimples.I felt like the clothes I wear were so outdated.I was attacked with insecurities that made me depressed,maybe because I was on my adolescent stage,blame it on the raging hormones.
After I graduated, that's when i realized that I just did not graduated in a so so school.Most of the time my school is being recognized as "scholars paradise".I know its not about the school but the ability of the person that will help him land a job.But I know that owe a lot to my school that I have the skills needed to get the job that I wanted.Honestly I never thought that I will be woking in a call center. I used to think that I will be working as a office staff or programmer in some company in Ortigas or makati.I was thankful for this job, I overome my inferiority complex.I learned to express myself well.I learned to adapt with diverse people on all walks of life.I am still shy sometimes and I still don't talk that much if i don't know the person.But a lot of thinks improved for my own good.In terms of my physical appearance,I am also more confident of myself now.I am no longer wearing glasses but contact lens.I can now afford to go to an expensive to have my haircut and facial.I can now buy the clothes that i want.I can now go to places that I have never been.I could already buy the things that I was deprived when I was a child-I actually bought my own television on my first salary.
Being able to experience these things give me a sense of pride.I was grateful that God first let me suffered in the beginning because he has a purpose of doing that.If He did give me everything, then there's nothing to look forward to.
If I was born from a rich family, may be I would not know the value of hardwork and perseverance.If I have perfect eyesight,maybe I will not have excel with my studies.If I am "very goodlooking" and very smart maybe I would not know how to humble myself and deal with diferent kinds of people since I may think that I am superior just like God.If I did not experience the hardship and the pain of this life, would I realize that I am lucky person because my imperfection as a whole is sole reason why I can be a pefect human created by the supreme being?
I must admit I am still being attacked by insecurities every now and then.But just like what a friend told me there is nothing to prove now and no one to impress.I have no reason to pout on my imperfection now that i realized much has been given to me.Now I can go on with my life with confidence and wihout any disturbance resting on my mind.

Ang Ambergris, bow

Sa totoo lang, ngayon ko lang lubos na naappreciate na maganda pala ang aking kompanyang pinapasukan.Ang tinutukoy ko ko ay hindi lang ang kultura ng mga taong nagtratrabaho dito kundi ang pisikal na pasilidad o kapaligiran.Napuri na rin ang Ambergris sa ilang pahayagan sa pagkakaroon nito ng hotel like facilities at state of the art technology.Isa rin ang Ambergris sa mga nangugunang call centers sa bansa.

Heto ang ilan sa aking mga nakuhang larawan ng aming opisina sa The Fort, kami ay nasa hulng palapag ng isang mall (Market Market).Ang isa pang opisina nito ay matatagpuan sa Ortigas, na nasa loob naman ng isang hotel (Discovery Suites).

Tunay naman na masarap na magtrabaho sa isang lugar na maayos, "class" at maipagmamalaki mo sa iyong mga kakilala.Chicka!hehe.Ang hirap naman managalog. =)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

So I won't forget.

Things to do:

1.get another ID - SSS/ Postal ID
2.Open a Savings account
3.take pictures
-Bulacan churches
-Jp's Birthday
4.Get another credit card
-Standard charters /BDO/ Metrobank
5.take a vacation leave to
wish ko lang!
-dye my hair,facial
-go to the gym/swimming -just do some exercise
-visit dentist
7.General cleaning house and apartment
8.Read a good book (shit, when was last time I read a book?)
9.Update blog/post pics
10.Medical checkup DVDs/buy DVDs in quiapo
I wanted to finish these American series:(that is if I still have freetime)
-Gray's Anatomy
-Nip and Tuck
-Amazing Race /Survivor
-Sex and the City
-Project Runway
etc.etc. I have to visit Quiapo soon...
12.I hate to put it here but I have to:
Look for a relationship (romantic relationship) iwww...hehe.:)
I can't get this song out of my head.Blame it on watching QAF Season 1 reruns.hehe
Save The Last Dance For Me
Michael Buble
You can dance-every dance with the guy
Who gives you the eye,let him hold you tight
You can smile-every smile for the man
Who held your hand neath the candle light
But don't forget who's takin' you home
And in whose arms you're gonna be
So darlin' save the last dance for me

Oh I know that the musics fine
Like sparklin' wine,go and have your fun
Laugh and sing,but while we're apart
Don't give your heart to anyone
But don't forget who's takin' you home
And in whose arms you're gonna be
So darlin' save the last dance for me

Baby don't you know I love you so
Can't you feel it when we touch
I will never never let you go
I love you oh so much

You can dance,go and carry on
Till the night is gone
And it's time to go
If he asks if you're all alone
Can he take you home,you must tell him no

'Cause don't forget who's taking you home
And in whose arms you're gonna be
So darling,save the last dance for me
'Cause don't forget who's taking you home
And in whose arms you're gonna be
So darling,save the last dance for me
Save the last dance for me
Save the last dance for me.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Mitch

Last saturday, Mitch, my housemate , friend and teammate celebrated her 23rd birthday.We went all the way to Angono ,Rizal (Grabe ang layo.I took us about 2 hrs I think) just to sing on top of our lungs (videoke galore) and of course to eat (sarap magluto ng Nanay ni Mitch).Eventhough its really far,its all worth it.We all had a lot of fun.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Finally I have my own digital camera.I got this: Sony DSC w50.

Expect more pics on my blog.I will post some pics soon using this cam. =)

a beach outing on rainy August

CGE Beach Outing
All Hands Beach resort
SBMA August 6, 2006

One cool Sunday afternoon (But it actually rained that day.Good thing were done swimming)

CGE Escalation team

Escalation Fafas (My hipster team captain is the one in pink shirt)

Escalation hot babes.hehe
Fun fun fun

Again, we are a bunch of cam whores

Chillin' at our room with Gina, She and meggy
Sunset .(Credits given to Meg for taking this pic)

More pics posted at my multiply site: