Sunday, May 07, 2006


If eventually you call me Arturo, you're probably a classmate or a teacher I had in grade school or from RSHS bk in gapo.(like Au,Myles,Ferdie and charis)

If you call me Arthur, you must be a childhood friend or a classmate in college.

If you call me Thur, you must be a childhood friend or a classmate in college who is lazy to pronounce the name Arthur hehe.

If you call me Art, you are one of my officemates /friend either from vertex, teletech or amber or probably you're Kai or Carl (college classmates).

If you call me Felipe, you're probably a a teacher in college or a batchmate from ROTC who does not know my first name.

If you call me Atoy, you're probably one of my cousins cheche, JC or Alvin .

If you call me Tabo, you're probably, my aunt or uncle, my ninang or ninong, my bro, childhood friends or cousins who call me that name to mock me.

If you call me taong bato, you're probably one of my classmates in Highschool in malabon.haha.

If you call me Bunso or Chua, you must be one of my sisters.

If you call me anak or mahal, you are my Nanay.

If you call me either Tito or Ninong, you are obviously one of my nieces.

If you call me bes, you're probably my best buddy silgrid.

If you call me Bhe, you are either Jo,one of my dear friend who is now in RMH or Wendy, my teammate.

If you call me Fafa Art, you are Shandy another dear friend I have here in Amber.

If you call me Artski, you are Meg, my teammate, galera buddy and a good friend

If you call me Phillip or elbulakenyo, you're probably an online buddy because those are cybernames i use hehe.

If you call me baby or honey, you were an ex some years ago.(haha never mind their names...joke)

If you call me Darling, you are Chat,my team mate.

If you call me Mark, you are a Texan caller who thought my first name is Mark.

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