Sunday, May 20, 2007

The making of a Gym Bunny

I am glad that finally I was able to accomplish one of the goals I have for this year: to enrol myself in a gym.But the problem I face right now is how to be consistent on my training and how I would make time for it.This is not easy I tell you,a lot of effort,discipline and time management will be needed.
I am just on my third week and I really have to make adjustments on my schedule (less sleep,less gimik).I would usually go to gym three times a week,that is after shift and stay there for like two hours.Then after workout I will go back in the office to sleep.I dont wanna deprive myself of sleep so I bring extra clothes, take a bath in the gym and go directly to office to sleep after my workout.I dont think I can still afford to go home after training since we now live in Valenzuela.That's fine with me since I just do this three times a week.
If you read my old posts, I would often mention that I really wanted to start gain weight and work out in a gym.I was able to achieve my goal of gaining weight last year but for this year I went back to my old skinny self.I read from a forum in PEX that that I can gain weight and tone my muscle at the same time.
I did not have any exercise and a totally newbie on this gym thingie.It really help that there are information available on the internet about being fit and being a "gym bunny".I did my own research, read the posts of those who are good on this stuff and talk to some of my friends who frequent the gym.I also personally went to the gyms like Fitness First, Slimmers World and Gold's.These commercial gyms already established their names and have been in the fitness industry for quite a long time, but I still chose to go to Eclipse gym.I was really impressed with the people from Eclipse.Not only that they know what they were saying but most of them were also friendly and customer oriented.They were very patient on newbies like me.I also like the facilities and equipments they have there.I don't want to sound like I am promoting something so just visit this website to know more about them.Hehe.I also don't want to badmouth the other gyms because I personally did not go to those gyms so I really can't attest if what the negative things spreading around were actually true (I only got second hand infos).
I am also glad that my friend Joms also go to this gym.He may not know it, but I sometimes get my motivation to go to the gym from him. Kasi what I really needed right now is lot of DISCIPLINE and MOTIVATION.hehe.
I know I will not the see the result I want to achieve overnight, but I now looking forward of going to gym and making myself fit.I am excited of thinking what I will look like a year from now with constant gym training.

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