Tuesday, May 10, 2005

another boring afternoon

Monday blues.
I received a call from my team captain asking me if I can log in early since a storm hit Texas .They are expecting that calls will surge by today.Goodluck talaga mamaya.Work na naman.Pero might as well render OT later tutal wala akong OT last week.Buti na lang I had a fantastic weekend.I went to this spa in malolos last saturday and i had a whole body massage for only 300 bucks.The place is okay.Angsarap ng feeling.Better than sex.hehe.Sobrang himbing ng tulog ko that night.Babalik talaga ko dun.Then on sunday I treated my mom sa Bacolod chix house sa SM marilao.Panalo yung chicken inasal nila dun.Yummy.

Wala na kong ibang mapost so post ko na lang tong LSS ko.

KITCHIE NADAL's- Same Ground

My love,Its been a long time since i cried
and left you out of the blue.
Its hard leaving you that way when
I never wanted to.
Self-denial is a game
Its strange i never would'vewanted if until there was you.
Because i have learned that love is beyond
what human can imagine,
the more it clears the more i have to let you go.

But now i don't understand why im feeling
so bad now when i know it was my idea.
i could've just denied the truth and lied.
but why am i the only one standing strandedon the same ground?
My love because i have learned that love is a word
gets thrown a little bit too much.
the best excuse to fill the infinite abyssi never have to if all else fail
would you be there to love me?
when all else fail, would you be brave to see right through me?

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