Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Olongapo City is the place where I was born and spent 14 years of my life.The last time that I was here was Summer of 1997.I was really excited of going back here, revisiting the places where I have been and reuniting with some of my friends from grade school and high school.I have been planning to go here for some time but because of my busy schedule and work, it took some time before that plan finally happened.

I did not stay in bayfront Hotel.Nagpakodak lang hehe

I was there for three days on the last week of January.I am really having a hard time describing what I felt when I saw the place again after ten years, but I am sure it was a very good feeling.Of course I was surprised with the changes.Angdami ng nabago sa Gapo.There's a lot of commercial establishments,gimmick places, bars and restaurants around the city.Mas lalo ring gumanda ang SBMA Freeport Zone.

City Hall

Ulo ng Apo, where the name Olongapo was derived

Jollibee, Ulo ng Apo and me

Although marami nang nabago, masarap pa rin balikan yung mga lugar na pinupuntahan mo nung bata ka pa.Kagaya ng Wimpy's restaurant. Namiss ko ang hamburger nila.

Napakaikli ng tatlong araw para pasyalan ang magagandang lugar sa gapo at sa loob ng SBMA.Pero hindi naman pamamasyal ang ipinunta ko rito.Totoong namiss ko ang lugar pero mas namiss ko 'yung mga tao na nakasama ko nung bata pa ako.Namiss ko ang mga pinsan ko at iba pang kamaganak.Namiss ko rin ang mga kaibigan ko nung elementarya at hayskul.Sila ang dahilan kaya muli akong bumalik dito.

I know I have given my friends a very short notice that I will be in the city on weekend.Still I am glad that despite of their hectic schedule they were able to come and spent time with me.

With my cousins Marvin and Marissa

I decided to stay at a relative's house somewhere in Sta. Rita.I was able to spent time with my cousins Marissa and marvin.After lunch, Marissa accompanied me to some places in Gapo.She also brought me to City Mall.While boarding the jeepney, we were talking about the changes that happened.we also reminisced our childhood days.
On Saturday night, I was with my grade school friends Wela, Dang, Janet and Maan.We went to boardwalk in SBMA Freefort Zone and hang out in one of the bars there.Since none of us has a car and there's no available cab, we just walk going there.It was really a long and tiring walk but I didn't notice the time since we were all chatting.

Reunited with my old friends Dang, Janet, Wela and Maan

We were able to update with what's going on in each other's lives.We were all laughing our hearts out when we talked about our old grade school days.I impressed them when I told them stories and I can still recall the names of our teachers and some events that happened when we were young.They were actually surprised when I showed them our invitation on graduation day.We checked on the list of our classmates and talked about where they are right now.

Since it's more than ten years since we last saw each other,our stories were endless.Each has a story to tell.In between our conversations, we take pictures of ourselves.Dang also brought a camera with her.We went home 2 in the morning.It was really a long day for me.

I woke up 12 in the afternoon the next day and sent Ferdie a text message.I asked him to meet me at Mocha Blends by 5pm.While waiting for him, I went to an internet cafe and I was able to catch Aubrey on YM.Aubrey is a classmate from highschool and a vocalist of a band.She told me that she has a gig at MyxmuBar 830 that evening.I told her that I will go with my cousins and Ferdie.

Moi and my good friend Ferdz

I finally met Ferdie.He has not change at all.Physically,he is still the same cute guy from Highschool.We went to Mocha Blends inside SBMA and ordered Mocha Frost and Nachos.I promised that I will be the one to treat him but he insisted that he will be the one to pay.And because of that, I can say that,Ferdie is still the same generous and friendly guy I know.hehe.

Ferdie also keeps a blog so somehow I am already updated with his life.This time we just talked about our Highschool classmates.He was also suprised that I am more updated than him about the whereabouts of our classmates.Ferdie and I decided to go to boardwalk just to pass the time since Aubrey's gig will still be at 9pm.He told me that he will be meeting Rita and Dave,batchmates from Highschool, at City mall and they could probably join us to watch Aubrey.
Again we walked miles from boardwalk to Citymall.It was tiring but I would not think twice doing it again if it will still be with Ferdie.He gave me a short tour around SBMA.

Rits and Dave

At citymall, I met Rita and dave.Rita know me because I added her on my friendster but dave actually could not remember me.I told him that I could still remember him.He was the guy who brought a blanket in one of our field trips.He also opened the stinky Humpy Dumpy Chips that made everyone mad.He just laughed and was glad that I could still remember that.

The whole high school gang watching Aubrey's gig with her band at Myxmu Bar,Magsaysay Drive

Together with my two cousins,Rita, Ferdie, Dave and I went to Myxmu Bar in Magsaysay Avenue.We were able to catch Aubrey and her band performed live.It was a thrill seeing her again.I was impressed with her singing voice.Wala pa ring kupas.I was also able to talk to her after the first set.

Since Rita, Ferdie and Dave will still have work in the morning we decided to go home in the middle of the second set.

I really had a good time seeing Aubrey and being with Dave , Rita and Ferdie that night.Aubrey was right, parang walang nabago.Parang mga bata pa kami.
The next day before I went home, I visited a relative somewhere in New cabalan.Unfortunately, I was not able to see my cousins but only my aunt and uncle.They were also surprised to see me after all these years.I went home 2 in the afternoon.

There are still a lot of places that I want to go and people that I want to see.Three days is really short and limited.I promised myself that I will be returning to Gapo.There's still no place like home .

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