Tuesday, April 17, 2007

happy fiesta

May will be a very busy month.I am pretty loaded with a lot of things to do.Before the end of April (From the 26th until the 30th), me and some friends from the office might go to Sagada to unwind.I already filed my leave for that but I am still not certain if i will go.Gastos na naman eh.

Our townhall (annual gathering of employees in the company) will also be held sometime in May.The last time it was held in Araneta.This time, based on the result of the employee's poll, i think it will be in Enchanted Kingdom or in Fort Open field.The theme for this year I think will be school fair/battle of the bands.Last year's townhall was boring (Rockstar contest thingie) so i hope it will be a lot of fun this time.

Taralets barkada (PLM Friends) was also "drawing" an outing/get together on first week of May.The original plan was a two day beach outing at Puerto Galera.I doubt this will push thru,the last time we planned on this, we ended up in some private resort somewhere in Laguna.The last time I heard, it will just be a videoke/bowling session on one saturday night this May.

Next event will be the baptismal of sarah's daughter on may 5th.I could not miss that since she already told me that i will be the ninong.Then comes my brother's birthday.He does not really celebrate his birthday but it will be sort of family day for us.

Our team in the office was also planning to go to tali beach in batangas on may 11 to 12.This is the outing that I am really looking forward to.We have some newbies in the team that I wanted to get to know better.Also,I really really wanted to go to Tali beach.This is really a beautiful beach in Batangas.

After that will be my sister's birthday.

I dunno kung saan ko pa ipapasok yung plano ko na magaral ng short course on graphic Arts at magenrol sa Gym.Major goodluck talaga.


I will be moving out on my apartment by April 21st.matagal ko na rin naman itong plinano.There were series of unfortunate events kasi na nangyari that push me to finally move out.

Naglipat na rin kami from Bulacan to Valenzuela for practical reason.My mom and i will stay with my brother and his family.Ipaparent na lang 'yung bahay namin sa Bulacan.Maguuwian na naman ako.Parang angirap na magadjust kapag malayo ang bahay.haggard.Kailangan ko na bumili ng kotse.Wish ko lang.

Pero hindi ako worried sa pagcocomute.Worried ako dahil kasama ko na naman ang Kuya ko.I know were now in good terms pero mahirap talagang kalimutan 'yung mangyari noon.Naiisip at naalala ko pa rin siya.Sobrang hindi kasi kami magkasundo dati.Hindi kami noon pwede pagsamahin sa isang kuwarto dahil talagang magaaway kami.Sana nga ngayon maging peaceful na ang mga buhay namin.dapat lang, matatanda na kami para magaway.=)

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