Sunday, September 05, 2004


i watched the newest gay oriented show in gma 7, which premiered tonight-"out",that's the name of the is in to be out, the show's battlecry. i'm so glad that finally we have a show like this in tv.i know those conservative who are not yet ready to embrace or to accept this kind of lifestyle will soon criticize this show.the premier episode is not that fabulous but I am looking forward for their upcoming episodes.I just like that segment where they interviewed gay icon celia rodriguez and also those testimonial part at the beginning of the show.Why those three host, JM,Avi and Jigs decided to finally come out.I heard that one original host from a prominent showbiz family backed out and was replaced by this broadcast journalist JM Cabarubias.I really admire JM it was so brave of him to finally admit that he is gay.I dunno maybe my gaydar failed again but I never thought he is .Until I watched his revelation on tv.I admire this guy more for doing that.Admitting to the whole world that your gay is not easy.I also like the other guy co-host, JigsAnd that lesbian girl,Avi,she's one hot momma.So there, I know Filipinos are not yet ready for a show like this but I believe this will help a lot in letting a lot of people know that bisexuals, gays and lesbians have a place in this society,

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