Thursday, September 02, 2004

Gimme a break

i dunno how am I gonna tell this guy w/out sounding mean that i dont like talking to him anymore. You see, I am honest when I told him that I am not looking for a partner or a friend as of this time.But it seems like he didn't get what I mean when I said that.(I dont want to talk to anybody right now) I am happy and contented in this world of mine, alone but not lonely,single but happy.hehe.I don't actually know him, he was introduced by Kyle this guy from BlueBoys and then he keep on calling me already.Like everynight, not just everynight but three times a day.If he wants SEB, I 'm sorry I'm too tired for that, If he wants realtionship,I don't think he will like me if he will see me,I'm a major nightmare of every eyeball.Yes I think I'm wasting my time talking to him.I hope he would realized that.Well, I know he' s not that boring,I am the boring one.But major turned off: hes kinda full of air that everytime I talk to him I feel like I'm suffocating and I wanna faint.He keeps on talking about how good looking he is.I don't care if he's a Brad Pitt or whoever he think he is.All I know is that I'm just settled in this world of mine, I am not looking for anybody at this time.I hope he soon would realized that.So pls stop calling me, if u are reading this,your just wasting ur time on me,I tell u.
Work will start on Monday.By Tuesday , sis will leave for China.I don't have money already.Plus more zits came out of my fucking face.I paid for our Meralco bill,electricity was cut off this afternoon since bill is overdue.I told my sister that I might stay in a boarding house bec I dont think it will still be able to travel from Bulacan to Pasay everyday.I am actually borrowing money from her that I'll be using as my allowance for next wk.Shame on me, I know I owe my sister a lot, I promise to myself that I'll treat her on my first salary.I will do that, promise.I really think its time for me to be independent now.Not totally independent cause I got used being with my mom and I know I will really miss her.But I think I need some growing up,I know nanay will not be always around,so eventhough I think it will be really hard, I have no choice,boy,I'm already 22 and there's so much to learn and life.So, I'll go out of my shell then fuck all night.hehe.

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