Sunday, September 05, 2004

My training for Teletech will be tomorrow.It will start by 4pm and ends by 12am.I dunno, maybe I really miss working that's why I am looking forward on this.New people, new environment,I am really excited about it.I must say that I am nervous thinking about the tests I have to pass to be a legitimate employee.It's so funny, u know that feeling when you just have your first job, that's the same feeling I have right now. I may have the experience in call center already(local call ctr) but this time its international so I'm not that confident with my communication skills,I suck on it.Well, maybe I feel like this because I failed in Etelecare a yr ago when I had my training there.But after that traumatic experience I always wanted to improve myself.Whatever happens, I will do my best just like what I did when I trained in Vertex.I know this time it will not be that easy but nothing is impossible when you put your heart on what you are doing coupled with perseverance and determination.I hope that I will enjoy what I will be doing in Teletech,enjoy the company of new people, learn a lot each day,develop myself in all aspects.I really want to stay in this company for long.If its God' will, I know everything is possible.
I hope I will still be able to blog eventhough I will be busy already with my job.I will ready miss this.

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