Thursday, April 06, 2006

para sayo ang serbey na ito

Since I have nothing else better to say or do....I will just post this Friendster survey here.HIndi makapagpost dun sa proxy na gamit ko eh:

1.Wat song are you listening to now?

> i am not listening to any song.i am at work

2. Color you are wearing now?

> blue

3. Now, who's on ur mind?
> some summer fling hehe

4. Now, what lyrics do you like so much?
> You First believe beautiful mushy song.

5. Where do you feel like going now?
> beach

6. What movie do you want to watch?
> Ice Age 2

7. Now, what do you want?
> i wanna break from work

8. Current mood right now?
> bored and sleepy

9. When is your birthday?

> the 6th of january

10. Where did you buy ur bag/s?

> divisoria/refill

11. where did you buy ur pencil box?
> sa bookstore ng bayan

12. How was your day today?
> ok naman. nakatulog ng five hours,met up with a cyber friend and petiks lang sa work

1. Last time you fell in love?
> tagal na, i miss the feeling

2. Last movie you watched? with whom?
> Brokeback Mountain with japoy

3. Last shirt you wore before the shirt you'rewearing now?
> its a white shirt, the usual pambahay get up

4. Last thing you held?> mouse.

5. Last place you've been to.
> Apartment

6. Last dream
> i don't dream recently. i wonder why.

7. Last call you received?
>a customer reporting for a power outage

8. Last testi you got?
> badboybitch testi

9.Last message you got in friendster?
> some stalker asking for my cell no.

10. last sms you got?
> a forwarded message from inthedarkness

11. last thing you did?
> drank a can of coke

12. last present u got?
> hmm.a friendship bracelet

13. last present you gave to someone?
> a cake

14.last issue u read in the newspaper?
>dont get the chance to read the papers these days


1.Who's the first person you fell in love with?> up to now i haven't figured out who's genuinelythe first one.

2.How many girls/boys did you like before?
> a lot. cannot count na.

opps, walang no. 3?

4.What can you say about the special person youhave now?

> no special person yet

COMMON:1. is it easy for ppl to see that u have a mood swing?
> of kors yes.

2. do u take long baths??
> i dont think so

3. do u eat veggies?
> yep.

4). Are ya lazy?!!

> i think.sometimes.

5). Playstation?> yep

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