Tuesday, April 18, 2006

weight gain, blogs of the stars and second hand books

Probably u guys did enjoy your holy week break.Good for you.Well I did not enjoy mine.After my shift last saturday,I went on a swimming with my family in one of the resorts here in Bulacan.Well I thought this is the break that I needed.I forgot that on a holy week like this, resorts were really crowded with people comin from nearby city.I can adjust to the noise and the crowd but what makes it more unenjoyable is that I've seen a familiar face na ayaw ko na makita.The whole time I was thinking na sana nagstay na lang ako sa bahay.haha.But I am glad I had enough rest and sleep the whole sunday and monday, had quality time with my nieces and family and I eat like there's no tomorrow.I so miss my mom's cooking.

I am really dead serious of my weight gain goal and going to the gym.The thing is since wala ngang itotone sa katawan ko so ang kailangan kong gawin now is to do everything to add weight on my skinny body.God knows how I wanted to have that lean and tone body esp during summer season.I am actually taking this chinese medicine which was advertised in Pex that promise I would gain weight in just a few weeks time.maybe out of desperation I took the risk of trying it out.Wala namang masama, marami rin namang nagtestify na effective daw.And so I took the drug.True, the first time I took it, maya maya ang pagkain ko.There was a time pa nga na sumakit ang panga ko kakakain.Ganun katindi yung pagiging matakaw ko ngayon.I am on my fourth day of taking it.I have not check my weight yet but I will update u guys about this.haha.

Blog hopping, I accidentally bumped into these "blogs of stars." These are online journals of some of local famous personalities (showbiz artists, writers, singers etc.).I am really interested on how they live their lives, not just what we are seeing in Television and what is written on the papers.Stalking is really my fave pasttime.hehe.I just realized I really have a thing for rich and famous people.because I wanted to be one.hahaI think lahat naman tayo ganun, eventhough some of us will not admit it pero at one one point in our lives, naging fan tayo ni (insert name of a showbiz personality here) .Minsan nahihiya lang taung aminin .I am at work so in between my calls and while my customer is on hold , I read some of these blogs.
I actually read them randomly so I dont have a personal fave I can recommend.Once I got the time to read 'em all, I will tell you my pick.And by the way I also got the chance to read Brianboy's blog site - kakaiba ang lifestyle ng batang ito.Everybody loves Brian boy.hehe.
Lastly if u guys know anybody who is interested in buying second hand books,please refer my blog to them.I am selling some of my old books na.
Below is the list of those books and their prices.
1.Eleven Minutes by paolo coelho
Orig. price php255
Selling price php200
2.The da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
Orig. price php395
Selling price php300

3.The catcher in the Rye J D salinger
Orig. price php175
Selling price php125

4.Ang paboritong Aklat ni Hudas
By Bob OngOrig. price php180
Selling price php150

5.Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J K rowling
Orig. price php275
Selling price php200

6. Young blood 2.0
Orig. price php145
Selling price php100

7.Ermita: a filipino Novel by F Sionil Jose
Orig. price php350
Selling price php200

8.Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J K Rowling
Orig. price php375
Selling price php300

9.Womenagerie by Jessica Zafra
Orig. price php150
Selling price php100

10.Twisted I by Jessica Zafra
Orig. price php195
Selling price php150

11.ladlad: An anthology of Philippine gay Writing
Orig. price php150
Selling price php100

12.The Deep End of the Ocean : Hardboundby jacquelyn Mitchardselling price php100
If there's someone interested, txt me 0906 359 5102 email:arfelipe@yahoo.com.Please do not forget to leave your contact numbers (phone; cellphone; email add if you have).By the way I can only meet you in either of the three MRT stations unless I am going somewhere near your area.(1)Ayala MRT Station (2) Guadalupe (3) North Avenue Station.Thanks.
Till next post guys.

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