Sunday, September 03, 2006

So I won't forget.

Things to do:

1.get another ID - SSS/ Postal ID
2.Open a Savings account
3.take pictures
-Bulacan churches
-Jp's Birthday
4.Get another credit card
-Standard charters /BDO/ Metrobank
5.take a vacation leave to
wish ko lang!
-dye my hair,facial
-go to the gym/swimming -just do some exercise
-visit dentist
7.General cleaning house and apartment
8.Read a good book (shit, when was last time I read a book?)
9.Update blog/post pics
10.Medical checkup DVDs/buy DVDs in quiapo
I wanted to finish these American series:(that is if I still have freetime)
-Gray's Anatomy
-Nip and Tuck
-Amazing Race /Survivor
-Sex and the City
-Project Runway
etc.etc. I have to visit Quiapo soon...
12.I hate to put it here but I have to:
Look for a relationship (romantic relationship) iwww...hehe.:)

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