Sunday, August 01, 2004

Tita Yolly

My Tita Yolly is in a very critical situation right now.Tita Yolly is my mom's sister .We have to go to batangas to visit her and be there for her whatever happens.My mom and Tita are really close.I know its still GOD who will decide on her fate but I dont want my Tita Yolly to suffer that much from the complications thats torturing her right now.I have seen how her body reacted to all those medicine and treatment given to her.How she endure all the pain and suffering.I know Tita has been a good person.I pray to God that her family would be able to accept whatever will happen to her.My Tita and I may not be that close but I will always remember her hospitability and warmth,everytime we would go to Batangas to visit them.I would always remember all the fortune telling sessions and kuwentuhan I had with her.I will really miss her if anything bad will happen.But we want to assure her that whatever happens my family would always be at her side, to support her and her family.Tita Yolly, we love you ,I still dont know what your situation right now.I still have to find out yet.Everything I know is in God's hands.I still believe in miracle. I know many will feel sad if God will take you at this time.I would like you to know that we pray recovery, we pray for peace to reign to u and ur family.I hope God will watch you,and we aill be watching you also.
I just cried when i went to her side.She's been bedridden for few days already and the doctor actually told my mother to transfer her to a bigger hospital.My mother refuse to because she's afraid that Tita will be tortured once transferred to a bigger be continue

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