Saturday, August 07, 2004

PLM Homecoming

It's been a while...Where will I begin?Hmmm, went to school yesterday to have my clearance sign by our dean.I really miss my school,the first thing I did was I go around the campus to check if there's a new building and to check those places I usually hangout.Nothing's really new except that theres a new big stage built at the side of the field,I think this year's graduation was held in PLM not in PICC.The building for the graduate school is being used already.At least for a year there's improvement.I can't help but reminisce my old college days,I miss going to school.I was seen by a former prof and she invited me to be a panelist for a thesis defense, it was flattering believe me, considering that I was not one of the best students in our college before,methinks.So I went, and I cant believe I found myself asking questions to these students,its a preliminary defense actually.It's a great feeling to be a panelist, pretending that you know the answers to your questions but in fact you're just there to ask, that is your job. I know I suck during our defense in college last year,I know it was hell during that time and I hate our panelist.I hate them for throwing stupid questions on us.The world is really round.Now its me asking stupid questions.I just handled two pairs of proponents,cause I need to submit my clearance at the registrar before five. So I looked for M. Regala, Computer Science chairperson and have my clearance signed.I may not be that popular during our college days but good thing he still remember me. He asked me where am I working already and even my salary.He actually discussed something about investment and savings, he makes sense in some ways but I know where our conversation is going,he will offer an insurance plan or something which has to do with security plans.Gee, I know it, but he didnt actually offer the thing straight to my face, he beat around the bush first then left his no. for me to contact him just I decided to invest with him.Some people are really desperate just to earn money,what if he knew that I'm already a bum, and the figures I have given him about my salary and stuff werent true.I know he wouldn'tt waste his time for me if he know that

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