Thursday, August 12, 2004

Tita Yolly died yesterday, August 11 2004 at about this time at the age of 61.may she rest in peace.i pray that wherever she is right now,I hope she is happy, I know she is with the Lord right now, so I dont have any worries.We will be going to Batangas this afternoon to attend the wake of my aunt and symphatize with our relatives.While waiting for my sisters I decided to update my journal here.I'm actually been busy this week looking for my prospective job.
I went to Glorrietta Job Fair yesterday.I noticed that most of the participating companies are call centers.I submitted my resume to some call ctr and decided to leave immediately.I went to Asia Call Center Link in Tower One.I had my interviews and I took the exams.I am not feeling well yesterday.I dont know if I did well in the exam. They will endorsed me to another call ctr in Ortigas and I have to wait for their call but I'm not expectant about it. I actually lost a single contact lens yesterday, which really bothered me.I was afraid that the single contact lens was just in some part of my eye and I might be blind just like what happened to actress Maureen larrazabal.I trust the Lord that nothing like that will happen to me.While taking a bath this morning, I decided to rub my eyes with soap and found the single contact I have been looking for.I know its dangerous to leave this contact lens in my eye overnight,I was really worried about it.God is really good because He didnt allow something bad will happen to my eyes.I was really thankful about that.
I am starting to be insomniac again.I cant sleep last night.I have been thinking about my situation right now, my being jobless and all.I am afraid of rejections, just like what I had experienced before.But then again I trust the Lord and there is still confidence in me, I know in every interview Ill have I put my best foot forward.I was also attacked by insecurities. Most of my batchmates in college have already established themselves on whatever field they chose to be. Most of them have stable jobs already.I was really insecure about that.Academically speaking, I know myself that were of the same level.I have discipline and I am dedicated to what I am doing, I know that.But I also realized my ningas kugon attitude will bring me nowhere.I promise to myself that once I found the job that Ive been looking for, my dream job, I will stick to it, no matter what happens.Because of boredom, I lose my job in Vertex, and I regret resigning, I miss the people more than anything else.But I have to move on, i always have a hard time moving on but this time I really have to otherwise I will end up frustrated or depressed.

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