Saturday, August 28, 2004

Me vain?No way!

I am trying to review what happened to me this August eversince I resigned from work.And I cant think of any interesting event that happened.Most of the time I am just here at home, bumming around, wasting my time staring at my PC monitor and tv and pestering my mom every now and then.I still have a week before I start my training in Teletech.I wish to remain a b remain a bum um but I know its impossible.I am no Cojuangco or Lopez but just a Felipe so I have to work a slave for the Americans just to live.So my mom went again to another funeral of a certain relative in Meycauayan today.So invited Bob, a chatter from Meycauayan to come over in the house to do some nasty stuff. Actually we didnt do anything we just kissed.I like the guy but then there is always a thing called wrong timing.I cant have sex in broad daylight hehe.But anyway he promise he'l keep in touch just like my other SEB partners in the past promise.Hindi na ko umaasa.I think I am becoming so vain already.I had my facial yesterday at this clinic in SM marilao then I bought some Kikay products at Watsons.I want to try this St. Ives Hydroxy Masque on my zit filled face.I bought Pond's whitening facial wash and skinwhite whitening facial wash.Yeah I think I have to make myself if.

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