Monday, November 08, 2004

I am back

I am back from hibernating.Actually, as much as I want to update u guys with what's going on with me right now, there's nothing really new, except that I am now a full time pal(palamunin) again.I resigned fr Teletech bec I cant take the pressure of the job.Lets just say that everyone of us(those fr the call center industry) has his own call center and Teletech is not just for me.As simple as that.

Tindahan ni Aling Nena
We have this small sari sari store in front of the house and now that I am a bum, of course I have no choice now but to look out this fuckin store.I'm living with my mom and sometimes she will just leave all the responsibilities on me to manage it, from buying the stuff on the grocery to watchin out the store when she's not around.It sucks.In the afternoon while I'm in deep slumber wetdreaming and all, I would be disturbed with kids buying just one peso candy or these tambays who will ask u for a stick of cigarette.I wanted to throw the one peso coin on their face.And even if I want to take a bath or do my "stuff" there will always be distraction from these buyers.That's why our house has never been an option as a place for my SEB(sex eyeball) adventure.I know I could really be bitchy sometimes that I will just have to ignore them, I wouldnt care if they shout like hell just to catch my attention (attention my ass), I mean to let them buy of our stuff .You see its not easy to have a store but of course it has its perks also.Aside from getting commissions (kupit), I can eat anything I want and whenever I want to.Plus there are a few cuties who frequent the store.Career ito haha.I know my days of being a sari sari store diva will soon end as I finally find a job tomorrow.good luck to me.

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