Saturday, December 03, 2005

Happy Anniversary Batch 16

November 29th marked my one year anniversary on this company I am working with.There's no celebration or anything, I just greeted some of my batchmates and told them "I am so happy we survived."hehe.I know I am not the only one who complain every now and then how company politics is so rampant,why we are not compensated enough, why our salary rates is lower as compared to other call centers yada yada yada but I was really happy that despite all the whining I stayed and reached my one year.I know I said this a lot of times already but what really makes it difficult for me to resign is that I dont wanna leave the people, most especially my friends.I have no idea how long will I have to stay but definitely if that time comes it will be really painful since I have been with three call centers but this is the only one that I found a family, a home that I can called.Eww,I am getting mushy again.
Batch 16B Bahay ni juan, somewhere in Pasig
December 2004

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