Saturday, December 03, 2005

Lazy week that was

This is one sluggish week.I did not feel like working so I made every excuse I can think of so to avoid taking in toxic calls.
This is how lazy boy worked this week.
When I went to work last monday,I was really sleepy so I slept the whole shift.hehe.I slept while the customer was on hold,I slept while on break, I slept when there was no call.I slept big time like I never sleep for ages.I have been caught a lot of times but good thing I am good in making alibis.
On Tuesday,though I know I can still work I complained about my sore throat and "fever" then went to the company's clinic to avail of medicine.Good thing that the nurse was also lazy enough that she never bother to check my temperature.I just told her she need to sign up a form so I will be allowed to go on undertime.And I was surprised, with no questions asked, she signed up the form.So I went home after answering three sup calls.Then I slept again.
On Wednesday night,I went out to meet some college friends at Glorietta so I think somehow that changed my mood.I went to work,loaded myself with extra joss and took in calls.
By thursday, I woke up late like 30 minutes before my shift.Then I just decided I wont go to work.I sleep till 11 in the morning then went home to Bulacan.
On Friday, I went on a vacation leave.And saturday and sunday will be my restdays.Saya.Buhay ng tamad.I really have no idea why I started to feel like this.But I am certain that it just take one strong motivation so I will feel productive again.That motivation I guess can be a person (well I am still ranting about my lovelife)or some big changes, because everything gets boring already.
I did mention above that we had sort of college mini reunion last wednesday.I went out with my girlfriends at Super Bowl Glorrieta 4.Hehe.They are actually my groupmates for most of the group projects I had during my last year in college.
I was the only guy in the group so it was really difficult dealing with them but I guess conflicts happens to any group not just us.Considering that the last yr is really the most crucial and difficult stage of college life.And despite all the trouble,thank God we graduated.
On this reunion we have,we ate like there's no tomorrow(the food in Superbowl were good), reminisced our college life, realizing that despite the pressure still we all miss going to school , a little chit chat on what's going on with the life of this and that classmate and updating each other's lives and planning of the next reunion.But then, since some of us are on night shift and still have to work, we parted ways shortly before midnight.Although the time is really short, it was really fun seeing them again.Really I had a good time which I needed since I am starting to get sick of my job.
To Diesel, Grace, Claire, Joan, Evelyn and Cecil I am so glad seeing u guys again after two years.There's a lot of changes but I am so happy that our friendship remains intact despite not seeing one another for so long.Hope we will have a get together again real soon..
PLM Gusaling Villegas stairs
3 years ago...
See the date?November 26 2002
Super Bowl Glorrieta 4 November 30, 2005

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