Monday, December 12, 2005

xmas wish list

How fast time flies,Christmas is just around the corner.I am finished doin my Christmas list and all but I havent started doin any christmas shopping yet.I should have done that this week but because of the crappy weather, I decided just to do it after I got my 13th month pay which I hope will be given this week.I'm so lazy to go out since its raining hard since Friday.I dunno if will still have moolah after I'm done splurging for Xmas gifts for some friends and relatives.But its okay, christmas is more of giving so I should be a cheerful giver.=)But just to make myself feel good, I made my Xmas wish list ,so if you guys planning to give me a gift, I wont give you a hard time thinking for one.Kidding.Here it goes:
1. I wish to get myself a new aircondition for my room
2. A Sony NW - HD5 MP3 Player
3. A new puppy or kahit anong pet
4. A good album of my fave R and B artist
5. Sneakers anything red or blue
6. Jacket
7. Sony Cybershot Digicam
8. Any book by my fave author Paolo Coelho
9. Magic sing videoke Mic
10. DVD collection of HP or LOTR or Star Wars
11. New pair of jeans
12. any Refill apparel
13. messenger bag
14.a new speaker for my PC
15.Hugs and Kisses from some friends hehe
Isip pa ko dami eh.Libre naman mangarap.ahehehe

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