Saturday, October 21, 2006

Call Center Causes Damage to Mental Health???

I dunno who was the source of this news because I just got this from my email.This is a good read though.
read my insights at the end of the article.

PLDT myDSL Call Center Agent Curses at Caller

It was an ordinary day for Catherine Rossana (as she repeatedly said on the other end, as her real name) in her work as a customer service representative for PLDT myDSL.

Then came Raul Bacaldo, who came a calling one day complaining that his DSL connection is still down after 2 days and he needs it badly for an iFreedom VOIP call to the US to finalize his itenerary for his trip to the US.

Roughly, their confrontation went this line:

Catherine: Thank you for calling DSL Helpdesk, this is Cathy, good morning.

Raul: Good Morning. Yes, i called because we still do not have dsl since yesterday.

Catherine: Just a moment sir, i will check on your details.(then the usual asking of subscriber account details)..

after checking, Catherine says that there is a software adjustment in the area and will not be able to promise a definite time when it will be back.

Raul: So, i will still be paying for the days that our net is down?

Catherine: Yes, but i can help you to set up on a rebate for the days that you dont have net.

Raul, asked for a supervisor...Catherine refused saying the supervisor will report to work later in the day..

Raul: F$@k your company and the hassle it brings..

Catherine thinking that she had pressed the Mute button on her Avaya was clearly heard saying: F$@k You, why are you acting that way...

Raul: Why are you cussing at me? F$@k you too..

Catherine still did not realize that she pressed the wrong button and not the Mute button, denied repeatedly ever cursing.

Then she went hysterical and cried saying that she is just an employee and that Raul didnt have the right to curse her..
Raul said that he did not curse her but at the hassle that the situation is giving and it is uncalled for to curse him which Catherine still denied but is very clear on the tape that she cussed. Raul then repeatedly cursed at Catherine and asked for a supervisor which she replied by hanging up...

Thats a rough translation so dont blame me if you sided with anyone. This was in the news on Bandila( ABS-CBN) today, headlining it as Call Center Causes Damage to Mental Health..


For somebody who is also working in a call center (who get calls such as that everyday,since I work for an electric utility provider ), this is my point of view:

First i dont think that call center work will cause damage to mental health.Maybe the working environment of the call center has an effect to the attitude of agents but not on his/her mental health.If the agent is properly trained and professional (and have good manners), no matter how difficult a call is,the customer\'s issue will be resolved without going thru cussing and all that shit.

Being a customer service agent, you should be ready for this kind of things that could happen, or worst.If a customer is irate, dont take it personally.They were mad at situation or companys policy, so dont think that they are against you or upset talking to you.I know this is really stressful, but thats our job.We need A LOT of patience and understanding.Also we need to be professional at all times.Releasing a call is a No-no, marami nang naterminate sa office namin dahil diyan.If the call is really difficult, theres the mute and hold button, you just have to familiarize yourself on how to use them.

On the other hand,that customer raul is at fault for being improper and expletive.I am also a customer myself but I know how to control my temper.Maybe because I work in the same business so I learn how to put myself in the agent\'s shoes but lemme tell you that CSRs are being paid to assist customers, answer calls etc. WE are never paid to be shouted,cussed at.And beside enduring verbal abuse , profanity would not help solving the problem.

Parehong talo yung agent at customer.

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