Friday, July 30, 2004

Moving on

I still have one day to go before finally I bid goodbye to my call center life in Vertex.i still have to finalize my resignation and that three day leave sad thinking bout my old friends,i really hate goodbye but i know life has to move on,im excited what will happen after this.pupulutin na lang kaya ako sa kangkungan?
I didn't report today for work,told my TL that I have LBM, which is true.I know its bearable,but what is not bearable is the time I will spent on my 4 to 1 shift.Christian (my ex) and I talked over the phone after I got a txt from him telling me that he needs a friend right now.I just realized today that if I cant be a perfect lover to him, I want to be a perfect friend.Being a PLU is not easy and this friend of mine we've been thru a lot in our relationship and I want him to feel that Im just beside him especially if he's down and needs someone to talk to.I invited him to come over in the house , mom is not here, so I was left at home alone.I must admit I was not excited seeing him.I know I was obviously cold because I refrain to answer some of his questions like whom am I dating or if I am committed right now.I want him to respect my privacy but it seemed that he's so nosy what's going on with my sex and love life.Christian is still the same insecure guy I used to know.He keep on asking if the guys Im dating right now is as good looking as he is.Told him Im not a superficial person but he didn't believe me.So there we kissed we cuddle, we had sex.I miss him,true, but why is it that I cant remember the feeling anymore when I was madly inlove with him, before I can bear anything,do everything for him, but now makes me wonder when crazy before for this guy.For hours we just talked everything that happened in his life for the past months.Then he told me that Brad(his Lover) and him broke up a week ago because of a third party.I know that guy is a slut and I should have forewarned him that that asshole is a player.But I shut up,and just watched him getting hurt again.I know he'll get over it.Basta I let him feel that I'm just beside him, being a friend.We can't help but laugh everytime we call each other bestfriend,yeah I guess much better than our endearment "honey".Brad actually txt him and wanted to reconciliate and talk.So even if I want Xtian to sleep here at the house I told him to listen to Brad, maybe things will still be patched up.I accompany him catching for the last trip.Now I came to my senses,now everything is clear to me, I'm over this guy,life has to move on.:)

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