Wednesday, July 19, 2006

of blogging

Reading my old posts and looking back how my life had been made me realized that there were a lot of things happened in two years.Some were good and memorable, some were painful and sad but either way, they were all worth to be remembered.

I started the blog July of 2004, with no audience in mind, not even my closest friends know that I have an online journal.I was hesitated to start my own since having a blog will mean opening my life to the public eyes since everyone can have access on your site.That way I thought I have to do a self censorship and be careful of what to write.I found it useless since whats the use of having one if you won't have the freedom to say what you wanted to say?

But then, before I start writing, I promised myself that I am going to write not to impress anybody or seek approval to anyone about my writing.I will say what I wanted to say.This is my blog anyway.

I got my inspiration of having my own blog after visiting some blogsites which were linked to my friends blog.I read somewhere that anything worth writing about is worth sharing.I found myself fascinated how people chronicled their lives thru words.I was amazed by the fact that there were a lot of great bloggers and writers in the cyberspace.

So I started blogging.I blogged basically anything under the sun, I blog about my dysfunctional life, books that i read, movies and TV programs that I watch, my work, places i have been and people I meet.

I learned a lot from the writings of other people.Aside from peeking into their lives, I also learned to appreciate good writing.I always wanted to improve my writing, I know I am not good at this craft.I have a lot of grammar lapses everytime I attempted to write my article in English.I am not that confident so I write my articles in Taglish (tagalog and english).i am shy to link my site to others because I was afraid that they will scrutinize my writing.But then I realized that I will not grow as a writer if I wont take cristicisms from my readers.I wanted to improve myself and comments and criticisms would not hurt.So I gave out my link to some friends.Their reactions and comments were appreciated and motivate me to write interesting stories of my life.Its very uplifting is someone will tell you that they learned something from you.

My blog , like Joms', has been my spiritual blanket and I place where I can be myself.This is the place where I go to express my thoughts and feelings when I think that the world is not listening to my grievances, my rants , my problems.Although I know that I will be unable to expose my soul completely through this blog, but still the blog has been a theraphy, my sanctuary and a place where I can regain my sanity.

I am glad that I found a space where I can celebrate my life.

I wanted to blog more.

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