Sunday, July 25, 2004

Lazy ass

I have been absent in the office for two days just to describe my present condition, its like this:Mas mahirap pala yung ganito, ung parang naghihintay, para bang nauupos na kandila, na unti unting natutunaw.Ang gusto koy hipan na lang hangin bigla ang natitirang liwanag, para magdilim pagkatapos ay sindihan muli at magsimula uling lumiwanag.
I know I dont make sense as usual but just read on.
I went to videoshop and rented 6 movies last nyt, Munting Tinig (Small Voices), Hey Arnold, Quiz Show, Shaolin Soccer, One Hour Photo and Liar Liar.I am planning to watch all of these films in one night.But so far the only film I have seen was Mga Munting Tinig.Lets have a sorta movie review here.I now consider this movie as one of the best Filipino movies, on my personal list of fave.The story and direction was good, cinematography is ok,no wonder it competed and was noticed in competitions abroad.Alessandra de Rossi's is the lead actress. I really find this girl charming and acting wise she's good enough.Not a heavy dramatic film but a film full of heart.They have a nice setting its very Filipino,story revolves on the kids on the rural areas, that there is hope,I mean alessandra's character as a teacher in the film manage to give hope to these children whom I think should have the privilidge to be educated and to dream.It open your eyes to a lot of realities.So go and rent this movie.I know I dont sound convincing but anyway, just go ahead and see it.I'm happy i was able to see a film as good as this.
So there, I am seeing myself in two weeks time, just hooked up on the television and on my computer.Well,I'm planning to engage in sports like badminton or go to the gym, but I doubt I will able be to put my plans into action.I hope I could think of things I could do for the weeks, not just bum around.So gimme a break.

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