Monday, July 19, 2004

U got blog...

Everyone's into it.I read some entries and I find it cool and interesting, some people I dunno,I just start browsing and find myself taking a peek of whats going on with their lives and just to check if mine is still normal compare to theirs.It makes me think that each of us has his story to tell.And somehow there are stories I can relate to.I must say blogging is really addicting.I am keeping a journal, the conventional one, since I was in Hi-School but its not for public consumption unlike a blog where everyone will feast their eyes on your entries.But I think an online journal is also a good way of updating your friends cause sometimes you dont have time to talk to them since life can get as busy as hell.So they can just check their blog to check if ur still existing.Now I am starting mine.So just read on the misadventures and boring stuff in my so called life.
I should have prepare myself now to work...It's one boring sunday.Its a bliss to think the tomorrow will be my restday.But I dont think I would be able to rest.We work 6 days a week and I never enjoyed my restday since I start working here in Vertex.I was thinking of inviting Xtian(an ex of mine) to watch killbill2 tomorrow, heard its really a good movie, far better than the first one, but I'm having second thought of doing so.Yes, I am not yet over him,even how much I deny it.Things are far different now.Why would I believe that he really misses me and still love me? I'm not willing to be his kerida,I cant imagine myself being one.Yes I miss him but he's not the only dick in this world.I dont wanna appear pathetic this time.I know I will be able to get over him in time.He's happy, so why would I meddle with his happiness.If I am the one who is committed right now, I will never allow anybody to interfere.And maybe I just have to tell the other person to go away and get a life.

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