Tuesday, July 20, 2004

El Labandero

Just finished washing tons of clothes,alot actually including my mom's.So here I am, still wet,fresh from labahan,has aching back,aching head actually evrything aches,including my heart.Ouch. but I dont mind.The world has gone mad again,the rain started pouring really hard outside.The weather disrupted my plans of going out.I have no choice but share the thoughts thats on top of my head now.First of all, my plan of not renewing my contract has been bothering the hell out of me.I actually have the contract and they want me to work for them until December.I'm still undecided if i would continue my contract .So I check on the pros and cons about this.CONS 1)no assurance that ill have a job in a month 2)can't take being a bum, stay at home and be a palamunin again 3)no moolah, no money no honey 4)ill miss my friends (yeah as if the will miss me) 5)job hunting again, sickening interviews and exams PROS 1)no longer i will be bored with the same fucking callers I encounter everyday 2)time to give myself a break and unwind 3)think of better things to do like getting a second course or refreshing my programming skills 4)hunting for my new buddy oh well...
My finances has been bothering me,I am slowly running outta money. I know for the past few months I havent control my spending,I will go to Gimik places like Malate or in the mall whenever I want to. I lose track of my priorities like buying CD-writer or scanner,which Ive been planning for ages, buying a microwave oven or just any functional appliance for my mom,getting a new cellphone, paying our bills.So where have my money gone?.I really dont know how to handle money.For the past eight months,ive been splurging my money with shits that i dont need.It will be really hard for me if I wil loss my job and I better think carefully before I resign.

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