Monday, July 26, 2004

My restday,I have been resting for three days now.Yes it also bores me to hell thinking of things I should be doing.Movie watching bores me now.I'm done watching the 6 films I rented last night.What will I gonna do today?
Flirting 101.This guy from Baliwag called me up last night.We actually met two weeks ago,had sex but after that havent heard anything from him.I'm not considering him to be my buddy.He's not a buddy material.He's not that good looking and he bores me everytime he talk.But I can say , he's sweet.I'm not closing my door on him (ang haba ng buhok kong kalbo)I miss that feeling of being cared for.Lets see,I might give it a try.
There is one yahoogroup of Bulacan bisexuals/g ays I joined in.They call themselves BluVoys its a good thing to find a community here in Bulacan.Well everytime I chat I am always finding someone from Bulacan, i will no longer have a hard time looking now since most members of the group are from Bulacan.I dunno if I will make myself active on this org.But I am looking forward to the future activities they will have.

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