Thursday, August 18, 2005

The good, the bad and the ugly faces of customer service

Before I started my shift last Monday, I went to market market food court,our office by the way is located inside the mall. I usually buy food before going on my shift and that particular night I am really in a hurry since shift starts by 830, so I don't have the luxury to choose the food stall or food chain.There are a lot in the place so I just settled for the nearest one.So there I was in the food court ,I was looking at the foods displayed in front of one stall,when a store crew approached me:

Crew:Sir mura po ito , 69php with one fried rice, two viands,2 shanghai and a drink.
Me:Ayt.I'll have lechon kawali and tuna steak.That is for take out.
(Then here's the part that made me extremely mad. After putting all the food in container,passing my orders to the cashier to punch the items, she turned to me and said:)

Crew:Sir 'pag take out po pala may bayad 'yung plastic spoon and fork,styro and 'yung drinks po walang takip unless ipaupgrade nyo po.Additional php 15 for upgrade.
Me:What?Dapat free of charge yun.May mga customers kayo na nagpapatake out di ba?
(If you can see on my face that I am really mad but at the same time I was so concious of my time left since I dont wanna be late.I grab the plastic bag, paid the bill but before I left I let this girl know how bitch I can sometimes be.)
Me:Alam mo, hindi na ako uulit sa inyo.I will even tell my friends not to eat in this place.sasabihin ko that you're charging extra for take out.Then I smiled.
Crew:Sir sorry po pasensia na po...hindi ko na lang po kayo ichacharge sa styro.
Me:Thank you pero nawalan na kayo ng customer at potential customers.

Is that customer service?False advertisement pa.They just put plain rice tapos 69 php but additional charges for take out?That's a bull.And their food is not even good.The name of that damn food stall is Chin's, it's in food choices of Market,just in case you wanted to know.
I mentioned on my previous post that I'll start to take in "toxic calls" by Monday.To my surprise,when I log in Monday night, the calls that I have been receiving were still regular calls (e.g.billing,service inquiry, outages etc).When I asked a co-escalation agent,I was told that I am not yet on the escalation queue.I don't know if I should feel happy about it (I guess), so I just proceed with what I am doing.Then came one irate caller.And as they say,when karma strikes, it will hit you big time.Remember what happened to me before my shift.Yeah what comes around goes around.

Caller:I don't think you can't help me about this.I have talked to nine people this morning and they didn't help me but just messed up my account.(most of the time customers exaggerate the number of times they called)
Me:I apologize for what happened to you.If you will give me your concern I will be more than happy to assist you.(Customer vent out anger.Yada.Yada.Yada.She didn't allow me to speak so I just listen.Then I talked.)
Me:Ma'am this is what we will do about this...(customer interrupted)
Caller:That's a bull...I know you will not be able to help me...Let me speak to someone else.
Me:(empathy statements galore)I understand your frustration,I am here to help u ayt?Since this will be blah blah blah...

(I was not yet finished because customer interrupted me again )

Caller:I was right when I thought that you couldn't help me.Give me your Supervisor!!@! shouting...*cuss words* followed
(I told myself,patience is such a virtue.I am about to deliver the abuse spiel we use for customers who cuss agent but then I really wanted to pacify this bitch so I listen.However were just going in on circles so I was really pissed off.Still I listen.And finally when I can no longer stand her blahs, I finally speak out - forget the punctuation marks, Art.This bitch deserves a lesson.)
Me:The problem with you Ma'am is that you don't listen.We will not resolve this issue if you keep on interrupting.I know what to do with your account.I have your information in front of me but you never gave me the chance to talk.And if only you have given me the chance to tell you what we should do then the issue should have been resolved now.I beg you to listen!
(Yes I said that without pausing that's the tendency when I get really really mad.The customer shut up.)
Me:(then I said again).Listen.We will be waiving this fee and this fee (suddenly the customer transform from a hostile to a happy customer).How about that ma'am?
Caller:Art,(for the first time she called me by my first name)I am really sorry for shouting at you and for being so mean...It's just...I apologize..Honey I hope u didn't take that personally.It's your company not you...
Me:(Yeah right.Apologize?Lumuhod ka, halikan mo ang mga paa ko!Hayup.)I understand that Ma'am...(And don't call me honey.Hindi ako pumapatol sa mga gurang.Nakarinig ka lang ng waivers nagpasweet ka na.)

And the call ended happily ever after.It's not actually a difficult call, she must be having her monthly period when she called.More of these calls will come starting Thursday.My restday falls on Tueday and Wednesday,so I will start to handle sup calls on Thursday.I have been reading modules and studying some accounts since Monday.I have to make myself ready since for peter sake it no easy job,you have to deal with racist and hostile customer shouting, cussing, cursing words you never heard your whole life.Bang.I am not used to this but I have to.Well,gone are the petiks days,say hello to irate callers.
Since we're talking about customer service let me tell yeah what a good customer service is.Since today is my restday and I want to relax,I went to Malolos Spa this afternoon and had a whole body massage plus an hour of sauna bath.Would you believe its only 300 bucks, with 1free ice tea, which I even ask for extra , a nice place and friendly masseuse and staff.They even have a room where you can chill out to a good music and a cable TV. That was my second time in place, and they never failed to give me excellent customer service in the real sense of the word.So I gave a tip.And that's because I was satisfied.I will even tell my friends to visit the place.
I have been bothered by my cellphone,I thinks it's busted already.All I can see is Nokia welcome name everytime I put it on.It doesn't go thru the applications.After texting Ferdie about the free polytones links he sent me,I turned off my phone since it was hanging and prior to that I sent mulitiple messages to some friends.I don't know what the culprit is, the paranoid me thinks it was the picture messages that a stalker is sending me that I mistakenly save to my phone's memory.I hope it's not a virus, cellphone viruses have been spreading already like a common flu but hell please spare my phone.It's a good thing I have an extra phone but I can't afford to lose the other one,since I keep most of my friends no on the phone's memory not on the sim's.Plus the pictures.and the mushy messages.And also I am so allergic to wasting money just to fix this, wish I took a technical course on cp troubleshooting.darn.

Tomorrow I will accompany my mother to Divisoria, we'll be buying fabrics for the cover of our sofa.I hope I will not be tempt to buy polo and pants, there's one store I know at the cluster mall that sell cheap but nice men's apparel.I belive they imported them from Hongkong and Thailand.Cheap but quality goods.I haven't been to Divine (Divisoria), this is how a gay friend call it hehe (pasosyal) for quite a long time so I am excited for tomorrow. And since already 4am, I need to say bye bye for now.Till next post.have to sleep.=)

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