Sunday, August 28, 2005

Bloopers from Work =)

What a stressful week!Thank God even under pressure, I realized pwede pa pala akong tumawa.=)mabuti na lang,While emptying my email Inbox,I chanced upon this old email, the email contains few of the bloopers /call center boo boos from our account.Kilala ko kasi 'yung ibang sumablay sa mga calls na sinama sa email.ahehehe.FYI, our account is a electric utility provider in Texas, we provide customer service, billing and registry achuchuchers .Share ko lang.

rep: by the way ma'am, your name sounds filipino. are you by any chance filipino?
ms sangalang: yes, i am filipino. why, are you filipino?
rep: yes ma'am.
ms sangalang: oh, you don't sound filipino... (o di ba, humaba ang buhok nitong si rep. feeling niyang american accent na siya. ... )
ms sangalang:(biglang kambiyo si maam)Miss,you sound indian! (Dibidi, Dibidi hehe)
Customer: I need the bills to be forwarded to me. The account holder is already dead.
CCA: Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that Sir. (A for empathy) Let me pull up the account, one moment, please. After pulling up the account…
CCA: I do apologize Sir, but since your name is not on the account, you would have to tell the account holder to call us and include you. (Seryoso ka, hija?)

CCA: Can you verify your password, Sir?
Customer: Wolf.
CCA: Hmmm...Why wolf?
Customer: I'm sorry?
CCA: Why is your password wolf?
Customer: My dog's name is Wolf.
CCA: Oh! Do you really love dogs, Sir?
Customer: Yes.CCA: I see, well I have a cat and her name is Pussy! (Meow!!!)
agent: may i have the account number please?
cust: oh, i don't have right now honey, can i just give you the meter number?
agent: no problem, ma'am.
cust: hold on, i'll just go outside and take a look at the meter (dinig na dinig pa raw ang footsteps). i'm almost there honey... okay, let me just wipe the lens... (goodluck sa AHT mo ning)

Customer: When do I get the duplicate bill, I still haven’t received it?
CCA: When did you called?
Customer: Yesterday?
CCA: Maybe you should wait for 3 days. Or 2 more!

(Classic, hindi na kelangan ng comment dito!)

CCA: I'm sorry Ma'am I can bear-ly hear you, are you using a mobile phone? I mean can you hear that sparking thingie?

(Bear-y interesting choice of words!)

Customer: Pay location.
CCA: City?
Customer: Caldwell
CCA: There's no location in the city.

(Koya, koya! Meron ka ba ngayon?)

CCA: There will be a $50 trip call. I'm going to send a refort on that.

(Faki-bilisan kase sayang ang $50 trip call!)

I'd like to see if you've received my payment of $330; I paid it at Ace Cash today.
CCA: I do see here!

(How does it look?)

Customer:My account no. is payb hu tri six hu...(customer is a Chinese)
CCA:(afraid to be dinged for attentive listening)
That is payb hu tri six hu...

(haha...nagkaintindihan sila.panalo ka sa QA ning)

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