Saturday, July 09, 2005

Waiting for a call

Since everybody here in the office seems to be engrossed in their call and i got no one to talk to (well,i am waiting for another irate caller disputing again their gaddammit bill) i took a break and think of something I can post on my blog later.I should have named my blog "a weekly update of el bulakenyo's life".obviously u can see on the entries' dates that i don't update my blog on a daily basis since i've been preoccupied with work (with work nga ba?)or busy logging z's (sleeping) on my bed.But since i am really in the blogging mood this past few days so even in the office or while on a call i will make an excuse to the customer so i can put him on hold and type something on the notepad.haha.
We have been receiving a lot of bill dispute calls these days.Just to let u know i am working as a call center rep for a utility provider client based in the US.I'm actually working in an outsourced call center located in Global City.Just imagine how stressful this job can be.You really need to make a lot of bola to convince them that they are just being billed for something they just consumed achuchuchers added with spiel galore.why can't they understand that if they are using their ACs a lot during summer time,electric consumption will also get high as well as their bill?Ano sila anak ng diyos na makakalibre sa kuryente?In this kind of job, you also have to get used to these lines you hear on almost every call "My bill is so high, I'll switch to another provider." To which my answer is "OK,go ahead Sir". Just kidding. They will usually get irate when you tell how much their bill is they'l say "Say what?There sumthin wrong with your accent.Can I speak with your supervisor." My golly its a simple billing inquiry,what the hell is that you don't understand?
Well to those who haven't try working in a call center, I gotta remind you,if you are fainthearted, sensitive,or not used of being ridiculed this is not the job for you.Only when I work here did I get to learn a lot of American cuss words.Such as @#**! .I learned a lot of these words that i often used against them if I am really pissed off.Of course i have to use the mute button for that .
A while ago I had a call,the name of the caller was Dorothy garcia and she's calling from california.She was surprised to know that she's actually talking to someone in the Philippines.I had this gut feeling that she's a kababayan right at the beginning of the call.I only confirmed that when she started speaking in Tagalog.She said,"Sabi ko na nga ba Pilipino ka?!kaya nagtataka ako,angdami dami kong nakakausap na Pilipino sa customer service nakakatuwa naman.nasa pasig ba kayo?yadayadayada"if you can hear the excitement in her voice.Meg, my team mate who is sitting beside me heard her talking ."Masyado namang madaldal yan ,"Meg said.Then i explained to her that we are not allowed to gave our location and speak in our mother tongue.Honestly,I also feel excited everytime I get the chance to talk to a Pinoy caller.Sobrang warm kasi sila pag nalamang Pilipino ang kausap nila.Siguro parang it makes them feel na napakalapit lang ng Pinas.I am looking forward of talking to a kababayan.It's actually a break from some Americans who think that all the agents they are talking to are some dumb agent from India.Well,at some instances I will be humiliated with their racist remarks.And once in a blue moon lang kasi na magkaroon ako ng caller ng Pinoy,so ang saya talaga.
Pero yung iba pa ,according to a co-agent, idedeny na Pinoy sila.Eh obvious naman sa accent.Malamag sa ngayon marami ang magdedeny na Pinoy sila.Sino nga ba naman ang magiging proud?With all the political chaos that's been on going,I dont think there's still something that should be proud of.I remember ,the other week because of the crisis that's happening on our country,I had on my wish list that i hope i will be given the chance to choose my nationality.I will never wanted to be a filipino at this point of time.Sobrang gulo,I don't wanna watch the news tuloy because mas masstress lang ako lalo.and dahil sa rally rally na yan sa edsa last night (some political groups were calling for an EDSA 3 or 4 , i dunno??) nalate tuloy ako sa work.

Anyway i better answer my call now.wish me luck,here we go again...

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