Friday, July 29, 2005

Here we go again about movies and everythang

Thanks Shandy for lending me vcd copies of il Mare,The Classic,Ditto,and Please Teach me English.=)I so love you girl for being so generous.Ayan tuloy,mas lalo ako naadict sa mga Korean Films.Mabuti na lang talaga nameet kita,at least may katrade na ko ng mga subtitled at art films.Angsaya.
I know you're all tired of reading my post about movies but forgive me its just I have nothing to do these days except to watch movies movies and more movies.Next week music naman tayo.hahaha.I am just done watching Il Marie .Break muna ko sa mga movie review pero I am really excited of seeing Happy Potter 4 . After seeing the trailer last week,bigla akong naexcite sa movie na to.I read an article from my friend's blog:, spoiler ito about Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince, I am not really a big fan of that boy wizard but I just find the post interesting .parang gusto magjump kaagad sa Book 6 kahit hindi ko pa nababasa ang Book 4.well...


Today will be our last training day.I will surely miss my co-trainees who became my friends already.Hindi bale magkikita kita pa naman kami sa floor.Pero minsan kasi sa dami ng calls I doubt kung magkakaroon pa kami ng time to even say hi to each other.Sana hindi sila makalimot.=)
Hey, To anyone reading my blog, I would appreciate if you would post a comment here or on the tagboard,kahit napadaan lang po kayo.Please?Thanks.And if you want me to link you, I would be more than happy to do so.Happy blog hopping.=)

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