Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Happy 4th of July.

When it is a holiday in the US,i love to go to work.That is because holdiday means petiks or less calls for us working in call center.People in the US would think kasi na call centers are also on a holiday.Kung alam lang nila na nasa 'Pinas lang kami.Pero kung petiks ngayon the next day expected na namin na ngarag na naman kami.Pero this is it,samantalahin habang petiks.I have been workin on the layout of my blog for a couple of hours already.I think i changed my blog skin for four times already.Wala lang I was trying to achieve that clean,simple pero may dating na look so I settle for this one.Tapos,siyempre I need to recall my HTML and javascript codes pa,eh nabakasyon na yata utak ko.The last entry on my old blog was last November 2004 pa.I dunno bigla akong sinipag uli magblog ngaun.I linked some of blogs from my friends in friendster and 'yung iba jan are blogs na madalas kong binabasa although I dunno these people personally.If you guys want to be added on the list,just message me.I'll be more than happy to add u.So I will consider this one as a new blog na rin.I am happy with its look already.Pero now the big problem I am facing is what to write?ahehe.When I am not in front of my PC,I got a lot of things in mind.But the moment I open my notepad,I suddently lost all the thoughts na naiisip ko.And sometimes nagtatalo ang isip ko,will I say this or shall I keep this private?Also,I think I am not born to be a writer talaga.Pero I do appreciate all the nice blogs na nababasa ko,there are a lot of bloggers out there who can really write well.I wish I have the talent.Back to your regular programming.There's nothing new really.Everyday I go to work.Take in calls.Rendered OT sometimes.And that is because the account is giving $25 incentive to those who can complete a 10 hours of OT per week.Not bad eh?Same call center slave.No social life.No time for gimiks.The time I will have for gimiks will be spent on sleeping big time.And the only way I connect with friends is thru friendster.The internet is really a boon for us call center dummies.I even dunno how the a Television looks like nowadays.exagg.Well I am not complaining though.I choose to work in a call center so I have to suffer this lifetime.You know what,sometimes I think that you really need to sacrifice a lot of things when you are working in a call center.Less time spend with your family and friends.Specially pag may special occasion,I always reason out that that I have to work and I can't be with them na matagal.Ilang invitations na rin ang nadecline ko because of this work.However, I am really doing my best to make up with them.So hope you guys would understand if I always use my work as an excuse.Ganun talaga kailangan ko po kumayod.Mahirap na po ang buhay.Lalo pa yata akong pumapayat ngayon.I think its time for me to look for an apartment para magboard ako.Nakakapagod din yung pagbiyabiyahe ko from Bulacan to Global City.Minsan nakakatulog na ko sa FX at lumalagpas sa dapat kong babaan.I have been doing this for eight months na.Isa pa naman sa mga wishlist ko eh tumaba kahit maggain lang ng kaunting pounds.Bahala na si Batman,i still have to look for a roommate kasi I dont wanna shoulder all the expenses.
Hmmm,I wonder how my friends are? Hope u guys are enjoying your lives.Please check out my blog if u do have time.
Brace yourselves for more boring stuff to come.Till my next post...

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